Today i have been learning about how to introduce a news article. I have learned how to use the ‘5W’s’, (which are What? Why? Where? When? Who?) i read a few articles in The Metro newspaper and identified the 5W’s.

Im just Amal’s arm candy, admits George

who-George Clooney
what- joked about being a ,’trophy husband’
why- because Stephen Colbert asked him what its like to be arm candy in a relationship.
where-The Late Show
Mayday! Mayday!

who- a British airways pilot (Chris Hanker)
what- averted a disaster saving 172 lives
why- because the jet engine burst into flames
when- 9th September
where- Las Vegas

I then read 3 different stories in a summary format and decided which was the most important and eye grabbing piece of information to put at the introduction of an artical. Finally, i read another summary piece of information about vampires and wrote a one sentence introduction piece; 

A vampire couple take their obsessions to the next level progressing on to fangs and requesting a double coffin bed.