5 positive affects of user generated content:

  • You get the opportunity to engage with people, e.g. customers if you have a business
  • Can be used to advertise things
  • Most of them are free
  • Its got an easy format for all people to use
  • Most people can access it with internet

5 negative affects of user generated content

  • People can easily access it and add negative inputs
  • People can easily cyber bully
  • People can become addicted to the websites
  • There are no guarantee of readers
  • Blog trolls

3 websites I like the look of;

  • Twitter- I like the look of twitter because you are able to customise it to change it to your own taste and design. It also has an easy format to use.
  • Asos- I like this website because it looks quite plain so you can see everything clearly and it isn’t too crowded.
  • Apple- I like this website because everything is interactive with you and its easy to use. Its also got good photography on it and useful information that’s stated clearly.2