Today i have learnt about direct and indirect quotes and found examples of these  in recent news articles: 


Pensioner kills mother with wrench after dementia sufferer begs him to end suffering

 Judge Michael Chambers QC said: “You were her carer and had been so for some years.

“She was in deteriorating health, however, her sense of fun has been referred to.

“At the time of the killing, the psychiatric evidence showed you entertained delusioned beliefs that you would be arrested and were being threatened by unnamed people.

“It’s accepted that you loved and cared for your mum and its accepted that you enjoyed a close and loving relationship with her.

“This is a tragic case but a life was taken and the court must take into account the sanctity of human life.”


‘David Cameron was the straightest man at Oxford’, says his university ex

Catharine Snow, whom Mr Cameron dated in his first term, told the Telegraph how she teased him about his clean living and often joked that he was destined for Downing Street.

I then wrote a story including the 5 W’s and direct and indirect quotes:

A multiple cyclist medal and trophy winner was saved by the kiss of life in the climax of the season’s cycle racing event of the country.

After being in the lead half way through the race on a hill climb at Radcliff Mount just before a narrow and curvy downhill section of the course, a red Ford Escort driver seemed to lose control round the bend and hurtled straight into the cyclist then raced back up the hill.

Lance Anderton, 26, husband and father of a 2-year-old boy, took part in the Oxshire Road Race Championship yesterday, a 40-mile race that ended in tragedy until a 54-year-old woman, Mrs Joanne Pinto, of Church Way, Oxdown was walking with her sister, Dianne and gave him the kiss of life after witnessing him unconscious from a terrible hit and run and managed to save his life.

Mrs Pinto said: “It was awful. He was blue and appeared to have stopped breathing.

“But I have had first aid training. I checked his pulse and administer the kiss of life.

“To my immense relief, after a couple of minutes, he started to breathe and some colour returned to his face.”

She then said that an ambulance arrived within minutes and that she later checked up on him via telephone at St Mary’s Hospital, Oxdown and was told that Lance had severe injuries but had been saved by her resuscitation act.

The police then told her that they had arrested the two joyriders and were in progress of questioning them.

Later on, Lance’s wife, Pauline, 24, said “I cant thank Mrs Pinto enough for what she did. The doctors are optimistic that Lance will pull through.”