thirdsThe rule of thirds is a guid (grid) for when we take pictures. In this picture, the composition of the main focal point of the image is in the first third of the image, and the other two thirds are quite bare.

In this imarule-of-thirdsge, the composition of the main focal point of the image is in the first two thirds. When taking a portrait image, the eye of the person being photographed tend to be near or lined with the top line of the grid in order for it to be in the most well positioned place so that the negative space in the image doesn’t look too blank. 

070302_Tutorial_RuleOfThirds_SarahBatdorf_Page_5_Image_0001In this image, the girl is central and takes up most of the image because its close up to her face. Her eyes are on the line so that she fits on the image well. Because she is central, she is in all of the parts of the grid and there isn’t that much background shown.


Screen Shot 2015-09-24 at 11.42.13

IMG_0885Screen Shot 2015-09-24 at 10.24.15 

I have used the rule of thirds in this picture. I have positioned the model in the left two thirds of the image. I have also lined his eyes up on the first horizontal

lines to get his full head in the image. The composition of the model leaves one third of the background. I like this because it leads your eye into the picture quite smoothly. To improve this image, i would like to have cropped a bit of the top of the image so that there isn’t too much space up there.

IMG_0889Screen Shot 2015-09-24 at 11.04.14
  In this image, i have taken the image landscape and full body. I have placed the model in the last third of the photo, leaving two thirds go the image with the background. I like the composition of the model because placing him at the to the side so you can see the background, this gives the photo more depth. I have also lined the top line on the grid with his eyes like in the photos i have analysed. To improve this image, i would crop the top half a tiny but so that there is less negative space at the top.

IMG_0887Screen Shot 2015-09-24 at 11.17.51

This is a close up picture which leaves almost no background. Its fairly central although there is more background showing in the right hand side of the image. Again, i have lined up the eyes with the top line to give the whole image a good structure and composition. The background looks blurred so that the focal point looks even more clear.