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October 2015

Interviewing – Detail, Opinion, Action

These are the questions id be asking the following types of people if I was interviewing, using detail, opinion and action;

  • Singer in a new band who has just released an EP

-When did you realise that you wanted to be in the music industry and why?

-How do you feel about your new EP? Are you excited?

-What will you be doing next in your career?

  • Manager of an animal rescue centre which has had a surge in abandoned pets

-How did your career of being an animal rescuer begin?

-How does seeing poor unwanted pets make you feel?

-How are abandoned pets futures looking?

  • Head teacher of a school where 50% of the students have to resit GCSE English

-What happened to the students while they were learning? why didn’t they get the qualification?

-Do you feel responsible for their failures?

-What is going to be done about this? are they getting the support they need?

  • Mum of a teenage girl launching a fundraising campaign to pay for life saving cancer treatment in America

-What motivated your daughter into doing this?

-How does it make you feel as a mum?

-How is it going to be done? What amount of money is she aspiring for?

  • Fire chief investigating a blaze which gutted a terraced house in Sheffield

-How did the fire start?

-What are your opinions towards the fire? do you think it was suspicious?

-When will you fully know what caused the fire? how long will it take?


Media Effects Debate- Audience responses to the representation of gender-4.1.1, 4.2.1

Representation of women in the media shows us that women are used as sexual objects and simply used to draw people in to advertisements music videos and more. These often represent that men have strength and power over women, particularly the way they act in male singers music videos, where men seem to be doing whatever they like to the women. The things that people see on TV influences other people to do similar things and think in similar ways in real life without them even realising, which is worrying when the media is showing and acting this way towards women. An example of this is in Central Park, NYC in 2000 during and after National Puerto Rican Day Parade where over 50 women were stripped, molested and sexually abused by groups of men, in a similar way in which music videos show us, including groups of men surrounding 1 girl, squirting water on them and stripping them. This is shown clearly on this video:

Peoples responses can vary towards representation of gender in the media, but most people find advertisements sexist. For example, this advertisement is seen as very sexist because its using a women’s body to attract people (particularly men) so that the brands crisp can be advertised, even though women’s body’s have nothing to do with crisps.

Research- Pearltrees

This is the link to my pearl trees account, where i have gathered different information from numerous websites about Sean Bean and Alex Turner, which provide a variety of different information including family, history career etc about these two people as part of my research techniques.

Interviewing and Research

Why do we interview?

Interviewing is important for a story for many reasons, these include:

  • You get different opinions (and not just he faces of the story)
  • You get a humanly side of the story (how other/different people intemperate the story)
  • For getting an expert opinion on matters
  • For getting challenging opinions
  • Brings a story to life with direct quotes

How do we interview?

We interview using 3 different rules, these are:

  1. Detail- What happened? What happened next?
  2. Opinion- What do they think? Get quotes!
  3. Action- What is going to be done? Whats the future going to bring from this?

What are the different types of interviewing?

  • Face to face- this is the best way to interview, you can pick up on facial expressions and body language which truly expresses what the interviewee is thinking and feeling which can lead onto further questions
  • Telephone- this is one of the most commonly used interviewers because it makes less time than having to meet up for a face to face interview, but isn’t as helpful as the information gathered using a face to face interview
  • Email/ social media- this is also one of the commonly used interview ways because again, it uses less time, but using social media sites such as twitter, where you can only have up to 140 characters is very limited in what you need to say if its a lot.


  • Don’t asked closed questions- don’t ask questions that only require a yes and no answer- keep them talking as much as possible
  • Don’t ask multiple questions in one go- it can confuse the interviewee and make them forget what you asked them
  • Don’t stick to a rigid list of questions- if any other questions come to mind don’t be afraid to ask them
  • Do listen carefully-
  • Do follow up on anything interesting said- ask questions in a edition to this
  • Ask questions that your target audience will want to know and would want to ask
  • Don’t be afraid to ask difficult questions
  • Be sensitive to the situation
  • Sony be afraid to ask someone to repeat something or explain it

Meeting your interviewee

  • be friendly and polite
  • introduce yourself
  • be prepared

Coping with someone

  • Dont lose your temper- even if they are angry)
  • Keep the conversation going- don’t let there be any silence, keep them talking
  • Wrap it up if necessary
  • Remain polite

Drying up

  • Dont panic if the conversation starts to go dry
  • Refer back to your prepared questions- use them as a guid
  • Talk in general terms until you get back on track
  • think back to DOA- Detail, Opinion, Action

Winding up

  • Politely bring the conversation to an end
  • If its live, explain thats all you got time for

Why research in important before an interview:

  • Helps you decide relevant questions- if you haven’t done any research ,you would know what questions to ask and what questions are relevant, and this stops you from talking nonsense
  • It gives you something to start a convo with – knowing more about the person and there background will make it more relaxed
  • Making you look more professional- being more prepared will indicate you have done your research and will ovoid mistakes while talking like stuttering
  • provides background material
  • Makes the interviewee feel more at ease- this will make a connection because you know about the other person more
  • In a press conference, you need to know whats going on in order to get a full understanding.

If you don’t do research before an interview, things could go wrong, such as:

  • The interviewee will think you are unprofessional- if the interviewee thinks you are unprofessional, it may put them off you and even doing the interview to begin with
  • The interviewee may have to repeat information that is already out there- tif you haven’t don’e your research, you may not know something about the person thats very well known by the public, therefore you my seem stupid if you ask a question that everyone already knows
  • It can make the interview feel uncomfortable- especially if your having to go over information
  • It can make the interview feel awkward- preparation and research makes the interviewee feel more relaxed and makes them want o be interviews
  • You might miss something out

Media Effects Debate- Audience Responses Representation of women in the media-4.1.1, 4.2.1


These advertisements are showing very stereotypical household items being advertised by women, because in these times women used to do all the housework, however now times have changed ad men do household work as well, and advertisements for household items such a washing up liquid are also advertised by men e.g. now there is a dishwasher advert which advertises a man doing the washing up. Some of the adverts in the 50’s may be seen as offensive to us now because the advert saying ‘so the harder a wife works, the cuter she looks’ so its basically saying that the more housework a woman does, a better wife she becomes. In the 50’s, women would have has a dominant outlook on these adverts, but now in 2015, most women would have an oppositional outlook.

Picture3 Picture4

This advert shows that in this day and age we use women as a sex object to draw people into whatever they are buying (particularly men). However, its quite confusing because these shoes are for women and yet they still show half naked women with the advertisement, this could be to persuade women to look this way and that the shoes will promote there look. Even in the 70’s women were also used as a sex object because in the cigarette advert, the woman is just there to show, she doesn’t actually have any purpose in the advert.


Many people had an oppositional view on this advertisement and turned to the media to slate it. People vandalised and defaced the advertisement and took pictures of plus size women next to the image. This is because the advertisement claims that people need to look like the woman on the advertisement in order to be ‘beach body ready’. However, many other people have a dominant review on it because people its an advertisement for a weight loss item, therefore they are not going to put a picture of an overweight person on the advertisement because people want something to aspire to.


  • This advertisement shows women who are quite an average size, this is so they don’t discriminate overweight women, which people will have an dominant review on i. However, some people might think that its now discriminating underweight women and models who look slimmer than that, therefore these people will have an oppositional outlook on it.


This is another advertisement where women are being used as sex objects. This is shown because the advertisement is for chocolate, and naked women have nothing to do with chocolate therefore she is irrelevant, and is only being used to entice men in, however people don’t agree with it which is why its been vandalised.


  • These actions represents the view that sexualised representations of women are an aspect of the exploitation of women within a male dominated society.Although this image doesn’t include an image of a woman, it still shows that women are still being used as sex objects as they are being talked about in a sexual kind of way and it seeing really feminist. This has had a very oppositional response which has been shown through vandalism in the picture.

Overall, women have been discriminated and still are in the media through advertisements, they are being portrayed as sexual objects which can be used to help industry’s make money through persuading men to buy stuff.

Media Effects Debate-4.1.2

Media Effects

Hypodermic Needle theory:

  • PASSIVE audiences are “injected” with ideologies, beliefs, messages, values
  • E.g. of a passive audience is children. Our behaviour is easily and directly shaped by these media messages.

2 step flow:

  • Assumes a more active audience who will discuss the media text with each other.
  • It still assumes that we can be passive.
  • Proposes that we are influenced by opinion leader e.g. parent, doctors, experts.
  • Opinion leaders are someone you trust to know a lot about a specific topic.
  • Media Product- decoder – opinion leader



  • Children are more vulnerable


  • The audience has no role in the creation of meaning-there is textual determinism.
  • Wherever they are in the world, the audience for a media text are all receiving exactly the same thing. That is the text is understood in the same way by anyone watching.

Cultivation Theory

  • Repeated exposure to a media message, will lead to desensitisation i.e. Audience becomes less sensitive.


  • Even children get used to shocking things they see eventually because they are growing up surrounded by the media.


  • Children are still shocked in what they say because they haven’t been as exposed to the media as adults.

Uses and gratification theory

  • Looks at why the audience uses the media
  • Assumes that audiences are active consumers- they are not passive
  • Audience have variety of need that they gratify through the media.Uses of the media:
  • We use the media as a diversion- take your mind off something else
  • personal identity- to relate you self with situations or characters, or aspire to someone, as a form of comfort
  • Personal Relationships- To be able to relate with people who also watch or read this particular thing (finding common ground)
  • Surveillance- Commonly found in newspapers, news (to found out what’s happening in the world.


  • Uses and gratification approach explores how and based on which motives recipients use the media as well as which gratifications are obtained thereat.


  • There isn’t anything on their association with background noise (which people do use it for sometimes)

Reception theory (Stuart Hall)

  • The audience do not passively accept a media text
  • Hall proposes three difference audience readings:
  • Dominant reading- Media text interoperated in the way intended by the producer.
  • Negotiated Reading- Audience accepts some of the media text but not all aspects
  • Oppositional Reading- Audience in conflict with the texts message.
  • Audience readings of a media text depend on:
  • Gender
  • Situated culture (background, upbringing, culture, lifestyle)
  • Age
  • Experience and knowledge


This is an example I have done by putting people in different categories stereotypically for the game GTA.


  • It allows audiences to accommodate with different readings and have different opinions


  • Not everyone in the same category in terms of e.g. age will have the same opinions, it depends on the actual person’s opinion and how they think.
  • There are only 3 categories; there could be people who don’t fit into any of the three categories.

Media Effects Debate- Media Censorship Debate-4.1.1, 4.2.1

Pros of Censorship:

  • Censorship of pornographic material prevents the minds of children from becoming corrupt.
  • Abusive scenes in movies may offend some people. Censorship prevents that.
  • It prevents spreading of racism.
  • It promotes political correctness
  • Children are prevented from learning things that could harm them and others.

Cons of Censorship:

  • What one person might think something is for a certain age, another person might disagree.
  • If sex-related topics are completely censored it becomes difficult to teach children and teenagers about the dangers of Sexually Transmitted Diseases and HIV/AIDS.
  • It gives rise to and hides abuse of human rights.
  • It is used to control people.
  • If you hide something from people they will become extra curious about it.
  • Censorship can prevent the pu8blic from finding out what immoral and illegal activities which certain individuals get up to in their private lives- information that the public need to know.

My magazine front cover

Screen Shot 2015-10-19 at 11.46.09 Screen Shot 2015-10-19 at 11.48.40This is the front cover to my magazine that i have made, i have used the columns to place images and text in places that makes everything look
well placed.

Screen Shot 2015-10-12 at 11.53.00

This is my double page spread for my magazine.


iso-002IOS is is the sensitivity to light. The higher the ISO, the more sensitive it is. When the IOS is higher, the photo looks more grainy and brighter depending on the aperture setting.

exposure_triangle_jan_messersmithThe perfect exposure all comes down to the exposure triangle, which is made up of ISO, aperture and shutter speed. Having the camera settings in the middle of triangle at 0 on the char will make make the image have an even amount of light.



In this image, the first image has a low ISO, making the image clear, and in terms of the exposure triangle, the settings have been set at 0 on the scale, making the exposure looks even. the second pictures ISO has been set in the middle, which means it will be more sensitive to light, therefore i changed the aperture to a lower setting to not let as much light in. On the last image, i set the ISO to really high, but didn’t change the aperture, therefore its gone really bight and the exposure is too high.


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