Are you ready for Halloween? Of course you are, but there are plenty of different, wild and crazy ideas out their that will blow your mind, and you MUST see them. Here are some amazing quick and easy Halloween makeup ideas that will send a shiver down your spine in time for this seasons horror;

  1. Wednesday Adams

    Simple, right? All you need is black eyeliner, black lipstick and two plats, (which most girls are bound to have anyway)

  2. Cracked Porcelain Doll

    Just do the usual doll makeup, and add a few cracks with some black eyeliner, done.

  3. American Horror Story Asylum White Nun

    Another easy costume, white face paint, black eyeliner- how easy can it get?

  4. Puppet

    Its easy, and still looks great! All you need I some black eyeliner, red lipstick and eye shadow.

  5. Bird

    This one is pretty and scary, which is what ever girl wants to look like for Halloween, and its so simple if your good with an eye shadow brush and an eyeliner pen.

  6. Super Hero eye mask

    Okay, this one is for you last minute people out there, this Is a simple way to pretend that you did remember to pick a costume o time for Halloween, and all you need is black eyeliner.

  7. Snapchat rainbow lens

    This is for all you snapchatters out there who want to take the new filters to the next level.

  8. BatmanYou guys have all seen Batman surely, and surely you love this amazing eye makeup inspired by it!
  9. Zebra

    This is so col, and so easy! Just grab some white face paint, and paint some black strips on your face, how easy can it get?

  10. Skeleton

    Finally, the traditional skeleton! There’s not much to say bout this one, just wow.