These advertisements are showing very stereotypical household items being advertised by women, because in these times women used to do all the housework, however now times have changed ad men do household work as well, and advertisements for household items such a washing up liquid are also advertised by men e.g. now there is a dishwasher advert which advertises a man doing the washing up. Some of the adverts in the 50’s may be seen as offensive to us now because the advert saying ‘so the harder a wife works, the cuter she looks’ so its basically saying that the more housework a woman does, a better wife she becomes. In the 50’s, women would have has a dominant outlook on these adverts, but now in 2015, most women would have an oppositional outlook.

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This advert shows that in this day and age we use women as a sex object to draw people into whatever they are buying (particularly men). However, its quite confusing because these shoes are for women and yet they still show half naked women with the advertisement, this could be to persuade women to look this way and that the shoes will promote there look. Even in the 70’s women were also used as a sex object because in the cigarette advert, the woman is just there to show, she doesn’t actually have any purpose in the advert.


Many people had an oppositional view on this advertisement and turned to the media to slate it. People vandalised and defaced the advertisement and took pictures of plus size women next to the image. This is because the advertisement claims that people need to look like the woman on the advertisement in order to be ‘beach body ready’. However, many other people have a dominant review on it because people its an advertisement for a weight loss item, therefore they are not going to put a picture of an overweight person on the advertisement because people want something to aspire to.


  • This advertisement shows women who are quite an average size, this is so they don’t discriminate overweight women, which people will have an dominant review on i. However, some people might think that its now discriminating underweight women and models who look slimmer than that, therefore these people will have an oppositional outlook on it.


This is another advertisement where women are being used as sex objects. This is shown because the advertisement is for chocolate, and naked women have nothing to do with chocolate therefore she is irrelevant, and is only being used to entice men in, however people don’t agree with it which is why its been vandalised.


  • These actions represents the view that sexualised representations of women are an aspect of the exploitation of women within a male dominated society.Although this image doesn’t include an image of a woman, it still shows that women are still being used as sex objects as they are being talked about in a sexual kind of way and it seeing really feminist. This has had a very oppositional response which has been shown through vandalism in the picture.

Overall, women have been discriminated and still are in the media through advertisements, they are being portrayed as sexual objects which can be used to help industry’s make money through persuading men to buy stuff.