Why do we interview?

Interviewing is important for a story for many reasons, these include:

  • You get different opinions (and not just he faces of the story)
  • You get a humanly side of the story (how other/different people intemperate the story)
  • For getting an expert opinion on matters
  • For getting challenging opinions
  • Brings a story to life with direct quotes

How do we interview?

We interview using 3 different rules, these are:

  1. Detail- What happened? What happened next?
  2. Opinion- What do they think? Get quotes!
  3. Action- What is going to be done? Whats the future going to bring from this?

What are the different types of interviewing?

  • Face to face- this is the best way to interview, you can pick up on facial expressions and body language which truly expresses what the interviewee is thinking and feeling which can lead onto further questions
  • Telephone- this is one of the most commonly used interviewers because it makes less time than having to meet up for a face to face interview, but isn’t as helpful as the information gathered using a face to face interview
  • Email/ social media- this is also one of the commonly used interview ways because again, it uses less time, but using social media sites such as twitter, where you can only have up to 140 characters is very limited in what you need to say if its a lot.


  • Don’t asked closed questions- don’t ask questions that only require a yes and no answer- keep them talking as much as possible
  • Don’t ask multiple questions in one go- it can confuse the interviewee and make them forget what you asked them
  • Don’t stick to a rigid list of questions- if any other questions come to mind don’t be afraid to ask them
  • Do listen carefully-
  • Do follow up on anything interesting said- ask questions in a edition to this
  • Ask questions that your target audience will want to know and would want to ask
  • Don’t be afraid to ask difficult questions
  • Be sensitive to the situation
  • Sony be afraid to ask someone to repeat something or explain it

Meeting your interviewee

  • be friendly and polite
  • introduce yourself
  • be prepared

Coping with someone

  • Dont lose your temper- even if they are angry)
  • Keep the conversation going- don’t let there be any silence, keep them talking
  • Wrap it up if necessary
  • Remain polite

Drying up

  • Dont panic if the conversation starts to go dry
  • Refer back to your prepared questions- use them as a guid
  • Talk in general terms until you get back on track
  • think back to DOA- Detail, Opinion, Action

Winding up

  • Politely bring the conversation to an end
  • If its live, explain thats all you got time for

Why research in important before an interview:

  • Helps you decide relevant questions- if you haven’t done any research ,you would know what questions to ask and what questions are relevant, and this stops you from talking nonsense
  • It gives you something to start a convo with – knowing more about the person and there background will make it more relaxed
  • Making you look more professional- being more prepared will indicate you have done your research and will ovoid mistakes while talking like stuttering
  • provides background material
  • Makes the interviewee feel more at ease- this will make a connection because you know about the other person more
  • In a press conference, you need to know whats going on in order to get a full understanding.

If you don’t do research before an interview, things could go wrong, such as:

  • The interviewee will think you are unprofessional- if the interviewee thinks you are unprofessional, it may put them off you and even doing the interview to begin with
  • The interviewee may have to repeat information that is already out there- tif you haven’t don’e your research, you may not know something about the person thats very well known by the public, therefore you my seem stupid if you ask a question that everyone already knows
  • It can make the interview feel uncomfortable- especially if your having to go over information
  • It can make the interview feel awkward- preparation and research makes the interviewee feel more relaxed and makes them want o be interviews
  • You might miss something out