Representation of women in the media shows us that women are used as sexual objects and simply used to draw people in to advertisements music videos and more. These often represent that men have strength and power over women, particularly the way they act in male singers music videos, where men seem to be doing whatever they like to the women. The things that people see on TV influences other people to do similar things and think in similar ways in real life without them even realising, which is worrying when the media is showing and acting this way towards women. An example of this is in Central Park, NYC in 2000 during and after National Puerto Rican Day Parade where over 50 women were stripped, molested and sexually abused by groups of men, in a similar way in which music videos show us, including groups of men surrounding 1 girl, squirting water on them and stripping them. This is shown clearly on this video:

Peoples responses can vary towards representation of gender in the media, but most people find advertisements sexist. For example, this advertisement is seen as very sexist because its using a women’s body to attract people (particularly men) so that the brands crisp can be advertised, even though women’s body’s have nothing to do with crisps.