What is twitter used for?

  •  socialising – keeping in touch, exchanging information
  • connecting with other people
  • A way of communicating
  •  Expressing opinion- communication with others, your ideas, thoughts, feelings
  •  promoting/advertising-(by company, celebrity, charity, organization)
  •  Surveillance- keeping in touch with what’s going on in the world/ celebrities
  •  Campaigning/raising awareness
  • News- Sometimes major news stories can be broke on twitter, e.g.-

-arguments on twitter by celebrities often make the news, like Nicki Minaj and Taylor Swifts disagreements:Screen-Shot-2015-07-22-at-11_01_07-AM

Taylor Swift and Nicki Minaj’s feud on twitter made the news, therefore it first ever broke out on twitter, because this is where it happened.

Uses and gratification– diversion, Personal relationship, surveillance, personal identity- this links in well with the uses of twitter because we use twitter for these 4 purposes, some examples of these would be:

  • Diversion- People use twitter as a diversion to distract themselves from their everyday life.
  • Personal Relationship- people use Twitter to catch up with friends and family and to communicate, this is especially useful for long distance relationships/friendships.
  • surveillance- people use Twitter for surveillance because they are interested in what people are up to, and mainly to see what celebrities are doing and to keep up with the latest gossip in they’re favourite celebrities.
  • Personal Identity- People use Twitter for personal identity, to relate to other people and celebrities or look up to them as a role model to base they’re ideal look, personality around them.


  • Twitter was founded in 2006
  • Total number of tweets ever sent- 300billion
  • Average number of tweets per day- 500million
  • Average number of tweets per user- 307
  • Percentage of twitter users that say twitter is their source of news- 63%
  • percentage of active users that have retweeted a celebrity- 24%
  • Percentage of tweets that are English- 34%
  • Most popular day of the week for tweeting- Sunday
  • Most popular time of the day for tweeting- 10-11pm ET

Examples of organisations that use twitter

As said before, Twitter is used by many organisations to promote, campaign and promoting, some examples of this are:qwet34wqth4eth

A charity that uses twitter for campaigning, news and promotion is WWF. They inform follower’s news on climate changes and impact on animals and wildlife around the world. A campaign that they set up was #snowlepodSOS to raise awareness on their endangerment.

A company that uses twitter for promotion is Lush Cosmetics; they powhust pictures and videos of their products being used, especially when it comes up to events like Christmas to promote their limited addition products. they also mention a lot about there shop and have another account for customer care, so that people are able to message them if they need any assistance or help with something.