Advantages of interactive magazines:

  • Increase the Reach and Distribution of Your Publication Cost-Effectively
  • Create More Multi-Channel Buyers
  • Faster Publishing and Distribution
  • Publishing To iPad-The number of iPad apps for U.S. magazines has increased more than ten-fold since iMonitor™ started tracking publication-related apps in April 2010, the majority of them being extensions of print magazines.
  • Flexibility For Magazine Content- One of the limitations that print publishers have and need to work around is a fixed layout of content, which is drawn out by the number of pages allotted for a magazine. In digital magazines, it is possible to increase the pages of content without changing the layout or having to condense the text to fit in the required format.
  • Bring your content to life with video, sound and interactive links

Digital VS Print

Some of the benefits are of course pretty obvious. Digital magazines have the ability to reach a wider audience, of course, as the circulation is not limited by print runs, only by access to the internet. The lack of paper, print and postage costs also makes them cheaper to produce for the publisher and often they are free to the reader.
They can also be far more interactive than print magazines as they have the ability to incorporate embedded rich media such as videos, audio files, animations and live links allowing you to click straight through to other sites.

Digital magazines also have the advantage that they can quickly harness the benefits of new technology as and when it hits the market. They can adapt quickly to the numerous new digital reading devices that appear.
And, for the most part, they can be downloaded to the computer’s hard drive and read at a more convenient time if necessary, even when there is no internet access.

However, while digital publishing brings great benefits for both magazine publishers and readers alike, the reasons that print media became so popular in the first place are just as relevant today as they were all those years ago when the printing presses started rolling. For some people the advantages offered by digital media are simply not great enough to convince them to give up their print editions.

The reason why print is still so popular today is mostly because of the experience that it for provides the reader, and this experience couldn’t be more different from the online one offered by digital publications.

Features of an interactive magazine cover:

An interactive magazine cover can look more or less like a normal print magazine cover, as they both have mostly the same features:

  • wired_ipadImagery
  • Title- The title of a print magazine is normally big and bold because
    you are buying it off the shelf and you want it to stand out, however with an interactive/digital magazine cover, it can be written in a small font because it will be on a device.
  • Cover lines- which may contain links
  • Links- the cover lines may have links of them to the page associated with the specific cover line