• I have chosen a fashion genre for my magazine, which mainly focuses on the brand Topshop, I have chosen this because I find it interesting how fashion grows and changes all the time. I also like the idea of sharing my own opinions in fashion as I am into fashion myself.
  • The aim is to entertain and inform
  • My target audience is mainly females aged 16-30
  • The skills that will need to use will be; been able to stay focused so that I am able to meet my deadline been set, I will need to use the exposer triangle when taking my images so they can be high quality and look professional.

Project concept

My ideas –

  • 400 word feature – History and about  Topshop
  • Blog – how fashion has changed and keeps changing
  • Review – A product at Topshop
  • Secondary research – I will be getting my research from the internet about the history of Topshop and how fashion has changed
  • Primary research- I will be doing an interview with someone who shops at Topshop and who likes fashion for my feature to get someone else’s opinion, I will also be taking my own photographs, and for the review I will be using my own opinion.
  • Resources –
  • Deadline – December 7th