Topshop is one of my favourite places to shop. It is the most fashionable high street shops there is! I can always trust that it will have the latest clothing and outfits available, I think it’s great.

As well as the actual clothing at Topshop, I also really like the décor of the shops that are out there (I’ve loved all the ones I’ve been to anyway). I love how the whole place looks really bright and well lit, it makes the clothing really easy to see, and I see that as Topshop showing their clothing off, which I think is fab. I also like the layout of the clothing and where it is placed, it doesn’t look too cluttered like some other clothes shops out there. I think the whole place looks really classy.

I really like the fact that as well as selling clothes, they also sell accessories and makeup; it’s every girls dream. The makeup is divine which is expected from the quality of the clothes they sell, and collection of bags and purses is unreal. I don’t think that I have ever been into Topshop and not bought anything, even if I’m just coming out with a pair of socks, I just can’t help myself.

I just have one warning for all you shopaholics out there; do not, I repeat, NOT go into Topshop without money, because I guarantee you will unexpectedly fall in love with something while you are there, and then you’ll want to cry because you don’t have the money to buy it – therefore, always bring money while entering the world of Topshop.