After gathering information on my double page spread from Reece Payling and Megan Wallace i come to some conclusions on what the negative and positives of the spread. This is important to do with the appropriate age group for your article so that you can have an insight of if the article is going be successful for its target audience.

From asking the target audience what they think of the quality of the magazine, they think that it looks well composed and put together. They also said that if they were flicking through a magazine my double page spread would stand out to them.

They think that the quality of the images is acceptable but could have been better, but they said that they wouldn’t really notice it if they were just reading the magazine. However, they said that the composition of the images and the relevance to the topic were really appropriate looked really well in the article.

The overall design of the double page spread is very successful and Reece and Megan said that the whole layout looks really good and eye catching. The colour theme is said to look really well thought about and well coordinated, along with the fonts that were said to look appropriate for the topic, and the size of the font is also suitable.

Megan and Reece both mentioned that the title could have been more creative and possibly humorous but is still suitable for the the feature. But the size, colour and font of the title is eye catching.

Overall, the main strengths of the feature is that the visual aspect of the layout and colour etc. and the main area for improvement would be the image quality and the title.