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January 2016

6.1.2 Story Board

Screen Shot 2016-01-28 at 11.45.05.png

This is my story board so that when i go out and do my interview, pictures and videos, i will have an idea of what i want to achieve and how it will be put to together.


6.1.2, 6.2.1- Creating a storyboard

In this story board, one of the negative things about it is that it doesn’t have much text to go with it or explain the images apart from the speech bubbles which are part of the illustrations. This is bad because it makes it more difficult to understand the pictures or the storyboard. Therefore, when I create a story board, I will remember to put speech to explain each illustration. However, the illustrations have a lot of detail which is good to visually see the idea.




In this storyboard, it isn’t clear at all. The illustrations are only sketches, making it difficult to see what the images actually contain.



5.2.1, 5.2.2 Radio Script and Vox Pop Intervews

Sound Radio script

Cue in: Good afternoon, I’m Miya Biggin

A man has been threatened with a knife in a robbery on Doncaster Street, Sheffield.

It happened when the victim was walking along Bennetthorp Road on the 28th December at 11pm.

A man with a knife then stole his wallet and mobile phone.  The criminal was described as white, with a spotty complexion aged 18-23.

Anyone with information is being urged to contact South Yorkshire Police on 101.

OUT WORDS: Police on 101

DURATION:16 seconds

Harry Potter actor Alan Rickman has died of cancer, aged 69.

He played Severus Snape in all the Harry Potter films.

Sound Radio asked Potter fan Asleigh Wilson, 17, a journalism student why Professor Snape was their favourite character from the films.

OUT WORDS: from this film

DURATION: 11 seconds

Alton Towers have announced plans to open a new roller coaster.

The Staffordshire- based adventure park has revealed that the ride will be virtual reality and called Galactica.

After the smiller crash in June last year, the theme parks visitor numbers have been much lower.

The new roller coaster will be a space themed ride and is opening in April.

OUT WORDS: opening in April

DURATION: 16 seconds

Cue Out: This is Sound Radio


While writing my script, I have edited and changed a lot of things based on the feedback I have been given on the previous versions of my script. The main on being the duration.

  • Duration- My first version of my script, each of the 3 stories had a duration of 30 seconds, despite being given a limited time on 13-16 seconds, therefore I had to cut out some of the less important facts of the story and make it short and snappy. My news stories now last up to 16 seconds and consist of only the key facts of what has happened in the news story to make it sound less boring.
  • Punctuation- I was also told that i had a lot of punctuation in my stories, which could then make the duration longer by having a lot of stops and pauses in. Therefore i overcame this by making my news stories flow better by taking out excess comer or full stops when they weren’t needed.
  • Pronunciation- Some of the words that i had put together seemed a little tongue tying when saying them outlaid, which can make them harder to say and hear, therefore I had to find other ways of getting points across, making it sound short and snappy.

Problems that I faced while interviewing people for my Vox Pops:

  • Background Noise- While interviewing some people for my Vox Pops, it was hard for the recorder to be able to pick up what the interviewee was saying in the more busy environments due to background noise, this was resolved by politely asking the interviewee if they wouldn’t mind moving into more of a calmer and quieter environment so that the recorder is able to pick up there voice more clearer.
  • Saving the Vox Pops- One of the other problems I faced was actually saving my Vox Pops properly. This is because while doing the interviews, I was currently in a PC room, therefore we had to resolve the matter and save time by saving them to a memory stick, instead of waisting time and waiting until a Mac room was available.
  • The interviewee- Another problem I faced is the actual interviewee. This is because going unto random people who you do not know and putting them on the spot to answer a question can be quite intimidating. I had to make them feel comfortable about the situation without approaching them in what could seem an intimidating approach.
  • Finally, another problem that faced was word, laughs, sneezes, coughs; all the things that are not meant to be there in an interview. This is a problem as it can make the interview long and harder to edit around them. This was resolved by doing the interview again (if the interviewee didn’t mind) until it was clear without any disruptions.

7.1.1 Issues Relating to internet usage

Most people in the world use the internet and there are many factors of the internet that benefit us. however, there are many negatives of using the internet and I have found 4 main ones;

  1. Addiction – In the UK, 2 in 5 people say spend too much time on the internet but admit they cannot stop. 3 in 5 people check the internet first thing in the morning and the last thing at night. 60% of men admit that they watch pornography at least once a month. 9 out of 10 people are surfing the web rather than reading a book.
  2. We know to much, but understand so little- Twitter users tweet 300,000 times a minute. Google has 2.5 billion searches every day. Facebook has 2.5 million posts every minute. Youtube users upload 72 hours a minute. From the 12,000BC to 20013. the internet had used 5 Exabytes, it is now having this much every 2 days.
  3. Privacy under threat- In 1 year, each person leaves up to £5000 worth of data online and is then sold to marketing companies.  1 in 7 teenagers have admitted to sending compromising images online to complete strangers.
  4. Online crime- In 1990 , there was 7000 images of child pornography found online. In 2014, 42 million imager were found on just 1 server. On Twitter, there are 10,000 uses of racist terms a day, and 2000 containing the word ‘rape’. 69% of young people in the UK have admitted to been cyber bullied.

Social Media

Facebook- There were 1.01 Billion daily active users on average for September 2015

-There were 894 million mobile daily active users on average for September 2015

-Approximately 83.5% of our daily active users are outside the US and Canada

– 25.7% of the world population are on Facebook

Instagram- More than 75 million people use Instagram daily

– 14% of drivers admit to checking their Instagram while operating their vehicle.

– 90% of Instagram users are under the age of 35

– Between January 2013 and December 2015, 310 million more people are now using Instagram

– 5.4% of the world population use Instagram

Issues with social media:

1. Its concerning that our teens are losing out on the ability to learn about and read social cues. They cannot learn to read non-verbal behavior properly if most of their interacting goes on in the virtual world.

2. Part of learning to be a good friend, co-worker etc. is to learn how to cooperate with others. This is not a skill learned on the Internet.

3. Teens need to learn to be inclusive rather than exclusive and cliquey. There are many more opportunities to learn to be inclusive in real life.

4. Teens need to learn how to deal with free time without staring at a screen. With less screen time,they will have more opportunity to learn how to relax and use leisure time.

5. Social media creates excessive drama. This is because positive messages are read as more neutral than they are intended to be; neutral messages are read as more negative as they are intended to be and one can only imagine what happens with messages that are intended to be negative.

6. Teens who are already sleep-deprived are becoming more sleep-deprived because many of them are up until the wee hours of the night texting.

7. Teens need to learn to be present in the moment. Too often, I see teens on their smartphones when they are in the company of their peers. They lose the ability to interact mindfully in the moment. Honestly, even adults do that to each other and it is quite upsetting.

8. Teens are more aggressive and sexual when they feel anonymous and are communicating electronically. Things can get out of hand very quickly with both cyber-bullying and sexuality, as we are painfully aware.


Legal and Ethnical issues related to the Internet:

Typosquatting – where a person registers a domain name similar to a real domain name, but with a typo, in hopes that web surfers reach it by accident. These sites are usually filled with paid advertising links that generate revenue for the typosquatter, not to mention the web surfer has been tricked into believing he is on the correct site. This diverts traffic away from the intended site. Sometimes they are routed to a competitors site or a pornographic site.

Cybersquatting – is when someone registers a domain name, in bad faith, violating the rights of the trademark owner. They usually intend to extort payment from the trademark owner, and they keep the names to sell later to the highest bidder.

Pagejacking is when the offender copies part of an existing website, and then puts it up on a different website to make it look like the original. Pagejacking is used in phishing schemes, where the fake page gathers account numbers, passwords, and personal information from the unsuspecting user.

Spam- Spam is accounted for around 80% of all U.S. email. 20% of U.S. residents actually buy products from spammers, and this makes it worthwhile for them to continue to harass us with unsolicited emails. There are no laws to prohibit spamming, but there are laws to regulate spam. There are also laws that prevent email harvesting (programs that read through websites looking for email address to add to their database).








7.1.1 Website Analysis Powerpoint

This is my PowerPoint of the analyses of 2 different websites


6 1.1-Investigating visual production and techlology

According to the Ofcom guidelines, there are many considerations that I, or anyone would have to think about before producing a program to an under 18 audience. Some of these guidelines are:

  • Watershed- Watershed separates the over 18’s programs/movies and the under 18’s. Anything that is aimed at 18’s or over must be played past 7:00pm. Therefore if I was aiming my news story to to people under the age of 18, I would make sure that the program would be put on before 7:00pm.


  • The  coverage of sexual and other offences in the UK – There are certain statutory provisions in force which already prohibit direct identification of those who are not yet adult.  However the statutory provisions dealing with indirect identification (the “jigsaw effect”) have not been brought into force.  However the statutory provisions dealing with indirect identification (the “jigsaw effect”) have not been brought into force.


  • Drugs, smoking, solvents and alcohol abuse-“Programme makers should always consider the impact that the representation of the use of illegal drugs, the abuse of drugs, smoking, solvent abuse and the misuse of alcohol, may have on younger viewers and listeners. Any such inclusion prewatershed or at times when children are particularly likely to be listening must therefore be editorially justified”.


  • Violence and Dangerous behavior- Research shows that children may emulate what they see on television. This is mediated to a certain extent by factors such as a child’s ability to distinguish between degrees of fantasy and reality and the identification with the character. Children have different stages of development and broadcasters should bear this in mind. Areas of concern include:
  • • the use of accessible domestic implements, such as knives, or other offensive weapons, articles or substances portrayed in a dangerous or harmful manner
  • • any portrayal of household items, such as micro-waves and tumble-dryers, which can cause harm if misused,
  • • certain locations, such as railway lines;
  • • certain material which may lead children to fail to recognize potentially dangerous play especially if there is no serious outcome; and
  • • hanging or the preparations for hanging, if easily imitable, particularly if shown before the watershed, unless the setting gives strong grounds for believing that imitation is unlikely.


  • Offensive Language-Offensive language is a feature of British life and, in certain contexts, it has an appropriate place in broadcasting. However it raises concerns about harm to children and offence in general. There is a concern that children may imitate offensive language or be upset to hear this language, when their parents or carers have told them it is wrong, before they have worked out their own attitude to its use. Milder language in the early part of the evening may be acceptable, for example, if mitigated by a humorous context.


All of these regulations are in favor of children. Ofcom says that “Research shows that children may emulate what they see on television. This is mediated to a certain extent by factors such as a child’s ability to distinguish between degrees of fantasy and reality and the identification with the character. Children have different stages of development and broadcasters should bear this in mind”. This links to the hypodermic needle theory that children are passive, which means children are more easily influence and more vulnerable about what they see on television, therefore these rules are here to ensure that they don’t see any harmful or offensive programmes.

Legal Regulations

Copyright- There could have been some issues with the copyright law when it comes to using images for our visual video and because of the law in place which clearly says that you would have to give some assets to the original owner we have had to produce and shoot our own photos for the video however this is for educational purposes so there would have been some flexibility and because it isn’t intended on financial gain.

Defamation – I had to be careful when writing my script and talking because when following the defamation law you can’t: lower the person in the minds of right-thinking members of society, injures the person’s job reputation, causes a person to be shunned or avoided, and exposes a person to hatred or ridicule. So when speaking quotes they had to be correct to the words of the interviewee.

Editors code – because I had to make the video suitable for people under the age of 18 there were some rules you had to follow which is covered by the editor’s code. I had to make sure that the material that I was producing wouldn’t physically, mentally or morally harm people who were under the age of 18 as this would be against the ethical code.


Bibliography –

7.2.1 Website Planning

Here i have planned 4 designs for my website. The first design I have created is based on the masonry design, this is because all the squares fit together and they have the same width but different lengths. However, I have decided to make the squares look like photo frame on a wall, and this is what each article is going to be; a photo frame. I am then hoping to then be able to make it move across to the left to more photo frames. This is also good design to use as it is compatible with a variety of devices, therefore more people can access it easily.

For my next design, I have decided to make it more unconventional, which means I haven’t gone with a specific layout. I have designed it so that the website will display an image of a Mac computer, and on the desktop, there will be lots of folders, which will be my articles. I thought that this was quite relevant to what the website will actually consist of as I am doing most of the content on a Mac computer.

Next, I have designed another unconventional plan. The website will have a tree or a telephone line displayed on the screen, and each article that needs to go on here will be represented as a bird, therefore overtime a new article is added, a new bird will be sitting on the tree/line. I am then again hoping to be able to scroll across sideways.

Finally, I have gone with a  simple conventional display of a column design. This is also a good one to use as it is also compatible with lots of other devices, therefore it can be accessed in much more ways.

Out of all my designs that I have created, I much prefer the first one, which is the masonry design, simply because it is a well known design and looks really nice despite which device it might be on, because its compatible and a conventional design. Its also quite creative as well as being conventional because its displaying a more visual outlook on the website because of the photo frame design.




7.1.1- Website Analysis

This website is for tracking planes all around the world and can be seen as useful for certain people. Its fairly easy to use as you just use your scroller on mouse to zoom in and out of the map and can easily click of the difference planes to view where they are going, where hey come from, what plane it is etc. The website has many standard features such as a search bar, navigation bar, a settings tool. These are all factors which make up a good and easy to use website. The website doesn’t really have much media on it, just an image of a map of the earth which hyperlinked planes showing the information on them when you click on them.

I would like my website to have similar features t this website, for example, when you hover over a plane the plane then changes colour, to let the person know that that the plane they will potentially click on.

This website is simply for entertainment purposes. This website does really have any standard features, all you can do is draw and clear the page. However, its a very unique website because you cannot do things on this website more or less anywhere else. the website has not media on it, just the same image used over and over to draw with on the page. The only hyperlink the page has is a small button which makes the page clear. Overall, the website doesn’t really have much purpose.


Types of website layout 

Metro Layout

Card Layout

Long Scroll




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