• Commercial radio

On Commercial Radios, their main source of income is from selling advertising space.

E.G. Capital (which is national), Hallam FM (which is local)

  • Non Commercial Radio

The main non commercial radio station is BBC.

The BBC radio stations consist of;

-BBC Radio 1

They broadcast a distinctive mix of new music and entertainment for 15-29 year olds plus news, documentaries and advice for young adults. The first ever broadcast was on September 30, 1967.

-BBC Radio 1 Xtra

1Xtra is a digital station that plays contemporary Hip Hop and RnB with a strong emphasis on new and live music. The digital station blends the best black music with entertainment, documentaries and news for 15-24 year olds.

-BBC Radio 2

Thirteen million of you listen to us broadcast a distinctive mix music and speech programmes covering a mix of live pop and rock concerts, comedy, documentaries and religious output, as well as running social action campaigns like the 500 Words short story writing competition.

-BBC Radio 3

The home of our arts and cultural broadcasting, BBC Radio 3 is best known for its classical music output, but also makes programmes dedicated to jazz and world music as well as a number of speech programmes, documentaries and drama.

-BBC Radio 4

BBC Radio 4 is a mixed speech radio station, offering in-depth news and current affairs and a wide range of other speech programmes including drama, readings, comedy, factual and magazine programmes.

-BBC Radio  4 Xtra

Launched in December 2002 originally as BBC 7, the station was relaunched in April 2011 as BBC Radio 4 Extra. The digital-only network is the principal outlet for our archive of speech entertainment, including comedy, drama and readings.

-BBC Radio Five Live

Radio 5 Live broadcasts continuous news and live sports coverage, bringing major news stories and sports events as they happen, and providing context through wide-ranging analysis and discussion.

-BBC Radio Five Live Sports Extra

5 Live Sports Extra brings a greater choice of live action to sports fans by extending the live coverage of various sporting events.

-BBC 6 Music

BBC Radio 6 Music is a digital radio station that entertains lovers of popular music with a service that celebrates the alternative spirit of popular music from the 60s to the present day.

-BBC Asian Network

BBC Asian Network provides speech and music output appealing to the British Asian communities

-BBC Nations and Local Radio

A regional radio service for England and the Channel Islands, Scotland, Wales, and Northern Ireland, consisting of over 40 stations.

Non Commercial radio’s main source of income is from licence fees which is paid by every UK household; this is paid t the BBC via Government. The Government designs the BBC’s ‘Royal Charter’- which is the BBC’s remit (the guidelines on what it should be providing to us, the audience)

The BBC is supposedly giving us a combination of education, entertainment, information.