Over the next few weeks i will be be making an 1 minute radio bulletin to explore audio production technology.


These are some of the news stories that i have researched for my radio bulletin in news value order:


  • A robber uses knife to threaten a victim on Doncaster Street, Sheffield

Robber Link

  • New Alton Towers Virtual Reality roller coaster

Alton Towers Link

  • David Bowie (Noel Gallagher)

  • Level 2 weather warning in South Yorkshire for snow

Weather Link

  • Sheffield United: Adkins prepares for transfer business

Sheffield United Link


The reason that i have put the stories in the order that I have, is because i have put them in news value order; i  have put the story about a robber threatening someone with a knife a the start because it is the most shocking in terms of upsetting, which will make people want to listen so that they can see what they can do to help find the man and the contact details they need.

I have then placed the story about Alton Towers next, I have done this because Alton Towers is in a local place, and almost everybody knows about it, therefore the audience will be interested in what the new news is there, especially because my news is aimed at a more younger target audience, and Alton Towers is for more of a younger generation.

After that is the David Bowie story, i have placed that next because although more of an older generation will know more about David Bowie, but most young adults know of him (at least), and it is very shocking to people. The story will also involve Twitter which many young people use and Noel Gallagher, another world famous singer.

After that, i have placed weather, and the reason for me placing it in this position is because this will affect a lot of people, including students in terms of getting to college etc.

Finally, i have placed sports last, because its a nice topic to be ending with, as it is soft news ad nothing too harsh.

The 3 out of 5 news storied i am going to include in my Radio News in news value order is are:

  • The Robber Story

– This is a very local story and i will tell the public what they can do to help

  • Alton Towers

-Alton Towers is local so that means it will be news worthy, but i will also talk about The Smiller crash which happened in June last year and how its been closing early because of the visitor numbers which have lowered since.

Alton Towers Visitor numbers lowered

  • Weather

-For this one, i will do an interview with one of the students of Hillsborough College, explaining how the bad weather (snow and ice) will affect their transport to college.