Im going to produce a 1-1.30 minute video on a feature, i have been researching different videos to get an idea of what my video will contain and the technical considerations i have to bare in mind.

  1. Car Accident News Video

In this video clip, the lighting and quality is really good, making it easy watching. There is always someone talking over the videos and images that we are seeing, therefore there is never any silences which always makes it interesting. When the clip shows us still images, there is always moment within the clip wither with zooming into the image or moving from side to side, which again gives us interest all the time and keep the clip flowing easily. There is a mixture of action footage, cutaways, interviews and stills, which gives the clip variety.

2. Fashion

In this video, its about fashion and being able to pick up wedding dresses for cheap. This is a well put together video because the lighting of the video is nice and clear and bright, it also includes both videos and images. When the showing the images, the voice is talking over them so it doesn’t take up too much time with the woman talking and having to watch her all the time, therefore her voice is put over the images to keep us entertained.