This website is for tracking planes all around the world and can be seen as useful for certain people. Its fairly easy to use as you just use your scroller on mouse to zoom in and out of the map and can easily click of the difference planes to view where they are going, where hey come from, what plane it is etc. The website has many standard features such as a search bar, navigation bar, a settings tool. These are all factors which make up a good and easy to use website. The website doesn’t really have much media on it, just an image of a map of the earth which hyperlinked planes showing the information on them when you click on them.

I would like my website to have similar features t this website, for example, when you hover over a plane the plane then changes colour, to let the person know that that the plane they will potentially click on.

This website is simply for entertainment purposes. This website does really have any standard features, all you can do is draw and clear the page. However, its a very unique website because you cannot do things on this website more or less anywhere else. the website has not media on it, just the same image used over and over to draw with on the page. The only hyperlink the page has is a small button which makes the page clear. Overall, the website doesn’t really have much purpose.


Types of website layout 

Metro Layout

Card Layout

Long Scroll