Here i have planned 4 designs for my website. The first design I have created is based on the masonry design, this is because all the squares fit together and they have the same width but different lengths. However, I have decided to make the squares look like photo frame on a wall, and this is what each article is going to be; a photo frame. I am then hoping to then be able to make it move across to the left to more photo frames. This is also good design to use as it is compatible with a variety of devices, therefore more people can access it easily.

For my next design, I have decided to make it more unconventional, which means I haven’t gone with a specific layout. I have designed it so that the website will display an image of a Mac computer, and on the desktop, there will be lots of folders, which will be my articles. I thought that this was quite relevant to what the website will actually consist of as I am doing most of the content on a Mac computer.

Next, I have designed another unconventional plan. The website will have a tree or a telephone line displayed on the screen, and each article that needs to go on here will be represented as a bird, therefore overtime a new article is added, a new bird will be sitting on the tree/line. I am then again hoping to be able to scroll across sideways.

Finally, I have gone with a  simple conventional display of a column design. This is also a good one to use as it is also compatible with lots of other devices, therefore it can be accessed in much more ways.

Out of all my designs that I have created, I much prefer the first one, which is the masonry design, simply because it is a well known design and looks really nice despite which device it might be on, because its compatible and a conventional design. Its also quite creative as well as being conventional because its displaying a more visual outlook on the website because of the photo frame design.