Sound Radio script

Cue in: Good afternoon, I’m Miya Biggin

A man has been threatened with a knife in a robbery on Doncaster Street, Sheffield.

It happened when the victim was walking along Bennetthorp Road on the 28th December at 11pm.

A man with a knife then stole his wallet and mobile phone.  The criminal was described as white, with a spotty complexion aged 18-23.

Anyone with information is being urged to contact South Yorkshire Police on 101.

OUT WORDS: Police on 101

DURATION:16 seconds

Harry Potter actor Alan Rickman has died of cancer, aged 69.

He played Severus Snape in all the Harry Potter films.

Sound Radio asked Potter fan Asleigh Wilson, 17, a journalism student why Professor Snape was their favourite character from the films.

OUT WORDS: from this film

DURATION: 11 seconds

Alton Towers have announced plans to open a new roller coaster.

The Staffordshire- based adventure park has revealed that the ride will be virtual reality and called Galactica.

After the smiller crash in June last year, the theme parks visitor numbers have been much lower.

The new roller coaster will be a space themed ride and is opening in April.

OUT WORDS: opening in April

DURATION: 16 seconds

Cue Out: This is Sound Radio


While writing my script, I have edited and changed a lot of things based on the feedback I have been given on the previous versions of my script. The main on being the duration.

  • Duration- My first version of my script, each of the 3 stories had a duration of 30 seconds, despite being given a limited time on 13-16 seconds, therefore I had to cut out some of the less important facts of the story and make it short and snappy. My news stories now last up to 16 seconds and consist of only the key facts of what has happened in the news story to make it sound less boring.
  • Punctuation- I was also told that i had a lot of punctuation in my stories, which could then make the duration longer by having a lot of stops and pauses in. Therefore i overcame this by making my news stories flow better by taking out excess comer or full stops when they weren’t needed.
  • Pronunciation- Some of the words that i had put together seemed a little tongue tying when saying them outlaid, which can make them harder to say and hear, therefore I had to find other ways of getting points across, making it sound short and snappy.

Problems that I faced while interviewing people for my Vox Pops:

  • Background Noise- While interviewing some people for my Vox Pops, it was hard for the recorder to be able to pick up what the interviewee was saying in the more busy environments due to background noise, this was resolved by politely asking the interviewee if they wouldn’t mind moving into more of a calmer and quieter environment so that the recorder is able to pick up there voice more clearer.
  • Saving the Vox Pops- One of the other problems I faced was actually saving my Vox Pops properly. This is because while doing the interviews, I was currently in a PC room, therefore we had to resolve the matter and save time by saving them to a memory stick, instead of waisting time and waiting until a Mac room was available.
  • The interviewee- Another problem I faced is the actual interviewee. This is because going unto random people who you do not know and putting them on the spot to answer a question can be quite intimidating. I had to make them feel comfortable about the situation without approaching them in what could seem an intimidating approach.
  • Finally, another problem that faced was word, laughs, sneezes, coughs; all the things that are not meant to be there in an interview. This is a problem as it can make the interview long and harder to edit around them. This was resolved by doing the interview again (if the interviewee didn’t mind) until it was clear without any disruptions.