My Sound radio News Bulletin

I have recorded my news bulletins from the scripts that I created beforehand. To do this, I have used a zoom mic to record my voice and I also had to find a quiet area where there wasn’t too much of an eco. I had faced the trouble of finding an area where I wouldn’t be disrupted, as there was lots of people walking around and talking. However, eventually i managed to find a quiet area to record my voice. I also faced the problem of not being able to say all the things correctly, therefore instead of stopping and starting to record the whole bulletin again, I recorded the bulletin in different recordings and then edited them together. To edit my audio, I used the software Garage Band. On this software, I was able to cut stutters and background noises out of my audio and also put the different pieces of audio together.

I also faced the difficulty of the different pieces of audio being a different noise level to others, which sounded all over the place when all being put together. I resolved this by discovering a tool on garage Band which allowed me to change the volume of the audio at different parts, therefore i changed the parts of the audio where they were too quiet to a high volume.

I also faced the problem of starts of words beginning with ‘P’ or ‘B’ to sound very loud and sounded like I was talking too close to the microphone. therefore, I used the volume changing tool to change the volume to the lowest point in these areas for a split second so that the wouldn’t sound too harsh.