When it came to planning my news stories, I did multiple things to make sure that I had everything sorted before I did my recordings. First I researched difference news stories to make sure I had a current and news worthy story. After this I needed to plan my script of what I was going to be saying, and so right complicated sounding words more literate so that I was able to pronounce them more easily when reading them up. I also needed to choose which news story out of the three which  I had chosen I was going to get a recording off somebody. finally, I had to plan the question that I was going to ask people while doing voxpox that was suitable for them and the news story. All of this planning was very effective and necessary because it was able to give my news stories structure and stability when making my scripts and going through the whole process in recording and editing.

When it came to getting my recorded audio off of the zoom mics, i faced the difficulty of not being able to transfer the files onto the PC. However i overcame this difficulty by moving into a Mac computer room and being able to transfer the files across.

I had faced the trouble of finding an area where I wouldn’t be disrupted, as there was lots of people walking around and talking. However, eventually i managed to find a quiet area to record my voice. I also faced the problem of not being able to say all the things correctly, therefore instead of stopping and starting to record the whole bulletin again, I recorded the bulletin in different recordings and then edited them together. To edit my audio, I used the software Garage Band. On this software, I was able to cut stutters and background noises out of my audio and also put the different pieces of audio together.

Another problem i had to overcome is choosing news worthy stories when planning, to overcome this I researched on the BBC Website on updated news to be able to see what was upcoming and recent.

I also faced another problem of stumbling on complicated sounding words when recording my voice, to overcome this I wrote down all the complicated words more literate so that they were spelled exactly how the sound, therefore i was able to say them more easily.


A lot of research went into my news stories because I wanted to make sure I picked news stories that were interesting and new. Therefore I used the  BBC news website and clicked on England so that I knew the news that I was researching was local and recent. This was very effective because I was able to easily select the different news stories that I thought were interesting and word them different in my own news bulletin.

I also researched about how the news reporter reads the news on BBC radio 1. I learnt from this that the news reporter talks slow and at a steady pace, so that the audience is able to hear what they are saying easily, they also make sure that the words all flow together well. I took note of this and made sure that when i recorded my voice I was able to do the same.

I used my research findings by reading through the news stories that I have chosen and writing up into my own words and also in a way that would be best to hear out loud.

I think that my productions fit for purpose because I talk in a slow and steady pace which is good for the target audience because they need to understand what I am saying easily. it also gets the information and news across to people easily which is what it is meant to do. It follows the appropriate codes and conventions because it has all the features it needs such as news worthy story, a jingle at the beginning and a steady and clear voice.

I think that some features could be improved, such as my accent; I think that i could have tried to talk more properly than normal to try and get rid of my accent so that everybody is able to understand what I am saying without using too much slang. i also think that I could have improved the level of volume in my voice, because it sounds fairly quiet.

I developed lots of technical during the production of my news reports including the software Garageband. This is the software that I used to edit my news bulletin together and I have built on skills while doing so. these skills include; Cutting out bits of audio that I do not want, changing the level of volume for different pieces of audio, piecing audio together so that it sounds as one, deleting audio that is not wanted and also saving the audio as an mp3.

After my final production, I managed to gather a focus group of the target audience of my news bulletin and asked them a few questions;

  • What did you like about the news bulletin?

From asking the focus group this question, I found out that they like the pace of the news stories because it is easy o listen and follow. They also liked that i changed the tone of my voice in some places because it made  the stories sound more interesting and gives some liveliness.

  • What didn’t you like about the news bulletin?

The focus group answered this question by saying that they didn’t like how in between the separate news stories, there was just a plain pause, they said that they would have liked to hear  a little bit of music or a jingle between he news stories to separate them.

  • Do you think the news stories were in the most engaging order?

The focus group said that the news stories where in the most engaging order because the most important story was at the beginning.

  • Was the style fit for the large audience?

The focus group said that the more serious story at the beginning about  a man being stabbed was more formal but then the rest of the news was quite informal and chatty, and this style was good for the target audience because being informal was relevant and relatable.

  • What was the technical quality like?

The focus group said that the pace was fast enough to keep people interested but not too fast so that you can’t understand. They also said that the sound quality was good.  However, they also said that there were a few breathing noises n some places.

  • Did you understand the stories?

The focus group said that the stories were well delivered  and that the language was appropriate and easy to understand. They also said that they liked how there wasn’t any noticeably long pauses in the bulletin.


Overall, I am happy with the result of my news bulletin recording. However, in the future I have learnt that I shall use my time wisely when it comes to planning, and also not to be shy when it comes to voxpox and talking to people who you don’t know in terms of interviews. I will also talk in a clear and protective voice so that my voice can be heard easily without being too quiet. Finally, i now know that when reading off a news script, it is okay to write complex words more literate so that they are easy to pronounce.