While planning my video, I did multiple ideas to make sure that my video was well planned out before starting it. This includes research on different videos in the style of what I wanted mine to be, research on news worthy stories that I could use and also visual planning like storyboards. After researching, I decided that I wanted to do a story about how some carers are not doing their jobs properly because this is a sensitive and news worthy story that people want to know about. After this, I planned the angles and type of pictures and videos I was going to take in the form of a storyboard, and also had to organise equations for an interview. My planning i was effective because if i didn’t plan what I was going to do for an interview then I would be very unorganised and would seem unprofessional to the interviewee if i showed up without any questions and I more or less wouldn’t have any footage thats worthy enough to show. It was also effective planning he actual video itself because from researching I found out how the video should be put together and edited in the most professional way.

There were a few problems that I had to face when it came to planning and producing my video. One of them being the interviewee. The person who I interviewed was a woman who had many health issues (which is why she needed a carer), therefore she catches infections very easily. Unfortunately on the day of the interview I had an ear infection and was concerned about the interviewees health, therefore I had to call her up and explain he situation and unfortunately had to respond the interview meaning that I may not have reached the deadline for the video. However, a week later we rescheduled the interview and managed to do this before the deadline.

For my research, I looked on BBC News and had a look at various video clips of news worthy news stories. From this, I was able to find out how to conduct an interview in terms of angles of the camera, types of questions to ask etc, how to assemble my footage in terms of editing and in general what types of video I should do.

I also did some research during the production of my video as well as before so that I could be constantly reminded how to edit my video and how professionals edit their news videos.

My finished product fits the purpose because it is a news worthy story and is a high quality video that informs the audience about the reality of the importance of carers doing their jobs properly.

My video follows the appropriate codes and conventions because it has all the features that a news video should have such as a news worthy story, high quality footage its also well edited and assembled.

In terms of technical quality, the picture and video quality is really good. I feel that the sound of the video could have been a bit louder and clearer but the sound volume is consistent all the way through which was my priority.

I thought that my voice on the voice over part could have been a little clearer because in my opinion it sounds a bit stuff, however I thought that the quality of the rest of the technical side was high quality.