Front Cover Designs

Here I have researched a number of different front cover designs based on the subject I have chosen for the magazine I will produce. The font covers I have pinned are all really colourful and neat. I have pinned these kind of covers because these are the type of front covers I want to create for my magazine. I also really like he composition of the images and text because they go really well together. I like the colours because they are all pastel colours and they all go well together. In order for me to create one like these examples, I must interpret multiple factors such as font, colour schemes, images and the codes and conventions.


Article designs

I have also created a moodboard of article designs that I have researched. My reason for choosing the ones that I have to pin is because I like how the articles mainly consist of colour and image, and the writing that is on there is very small. I also like how the there is lots of colour on the pages because it makes it look more attractive and easier to pick up and read. I would like to create two spreads based on the article I have pinned and therefore will take inspiration from these articles when planning and even creating my articles.



Finally, I have also created a moodboard of some of the images I would like to base my images on when taking them. I have chosen the ones that I have because they look really neat and tidy. However, some of the images also have a vintage look about them because of the colours and composition of the food. I also like the different angles at which the images have been taken.





Initial Audience Survey



Here I have produced a survey based on my moodboards, I am going to use this to gather the audiences opinions and thoughts on the moodboards I have produced. I am doing this so that when I am producing my magazine, I can bear in mind the opinions of the audience, in order to make them satisfied with the appearance and content of my final magazine design. I have chosen my questions based on the layout such as the colour, images, font and overall layout of the of magazines. I have also asked questions based on what type of magazines they read, and how they consume the magazines they usually read (online or print), and finally I have asked them how often they read magazines. I have asked these questions as well as the ones on my mood boards so that I can have an idea of what type of consumers are answering my questions.




These are the results from my survey put into bar charts per question. 


These are the individual analyses of each questions results..

graph 1
From looking at the first graph of results, my moodboards seem to be quite successful; this is because half of the people who did my survey said that they liked the overall appearance of my mood boards, therefore during the production of my magazine I will take this in mind and try to recreate the overall appearance as effectively as possible.


graph 2
From the second graph, It is obvious that the majority of people who took my survey liked the colour combinations that were on my mood boards. Half of the people who took the survey said this, therefore i now know that the colour was the most successful part in terms of the appearance of my mood boards.
graph 4
This question was a more personal question and it turned out that majority of the people (33%) of the people who took my survey mostly read fashion magazines. this was for me to get an insight of what type of people were taking my survey in terms of interests.


graph 3
As you can see from the results of this question, it was said by half of the people who took the survey that the least thing they liked was the font, and the other half of the people said Other and left the comment that they liked all of the features. Some of the other people who selected other left the comment that they liked the size of the text the least. I will take all of this on board during the production of my magazine.
graph 5
This question was to see how often people read magazines and it turned out that half of the people who took my survey dandy read magazines that often, as little as a couple of times a month.
graph 6
Finally, this question was to let me see how popular different methods of reading a magazine was, and to my surprise half of the people who took my survey said they mainly read it in print. Most of the people who selected ‘Print’ also said the reason for this is that they like to have it in a physical form, and the people who said ‘online’ said this as because it was quick and easy for them. From this i can conclude that there are positive and negatives for print and online but it depends on the person.














































InDesign Techniques

Here I have researched a technique that i think will be helpful during the production of my magazine. Its also a technique that I am not confident in how to do, therefore I have watched this YouTube tutorial on how to remove the background from images






Primary Research- Audience and Genre

An example of a magazine that has a target audience of 16-25 year olds is Empire. Empire is just about film (mainly mainstream Hollywood Films), therefore its for a niche audience. However. it’s about many genres of films and different types of gossip of films, therefore some people could argue that it’s for a mass audience, but I would say its at the low end of a Niche audience as it does have a specific topic.

From looking at the National Readership Survey, the stats for people who read Empire online are much lower to people who read it in print.

I will be the summarising the demographic and physiographic profile for the Empire magazine. According the Empire Media Pack, the target audience for Empire is ‘largely male, aged 18-40, employed , in a relationship (although not necessarily married), university educated, time-poor and relaxation-diminished. There is a core that study cinema, certainly, but the majority of Empire’s audience is people who use cinema as escapism or insight into other worlds’. So basically this Media Pack is saying that that the target audience for Empire is fairly knowledgeable an high educated, therefore the target audience for Empire will be an ABC1. It also aimed very obviously at people who enjoy films a lot, and mainly more stereo typically films that men are more likely to watch.

I have also decided to do a summary of the demographic and physiographic profile based on just my opinions and not the Media Pack. The demographic target audience for Empire in my opinion will be aged 16-25, Male, the ethnicity is varied and people around the world are likely to read it. The socio economic status would be C2DE’s, this is because the magazine isn’t very expensive, therefore the income a person would need to purchase this would not need to be very high. The magazine is also aimed at younger people anyway, meaning that the price is inexpensive so that students and other younger people can afford it.

The psychographic profile for the Empire target audience would have an interest in a variety of film genres and movie reviews because this is specifically what the magazine is about. The  cross-cultural consumer characteristic for empire I would say is Mainstreamers. This is because most young people watch movies and often use the discussion of films and even going to see films at the cinema to socialise, and young people tend to buy things to fit in well with large groups, and mainstreamers tend to buy well recognized items, which describes well the target audience for Empire. this also links with the type of films that Empire advertises, e.g. The Silver Surfer which is advertised on the front cover below, Mainstreamers are most likely to purchase this film.


This is an analyses based on my opinion of the target audience…

Here is an example of aempire front covern Empire magazine. There are many features in this that signifies who the target audience is. For example; the price of the magazine is written on the magazine but in a very small font. This signifies the fact that it is harder to see so that it doesn’t discourage the target audience to purchase it, which anchors the fact that that the target audience is aimed at younger people (16-25 in my opinion) because younger people find it harder to pay for things, so making the price small will not make it harder to see. The price also tells us that its for younger people because the price is quite a low one, therefore this connotates that more younger people will be able to afford it much easier, as younger people do not have jobs or on a lower income than others, this anchors the meaning that the price is a signifier for this. Another thing that tells us the target audience of Empire is the front cover image. This is a film that is aimed at a younger generation (in my opinion) and therefore the same type of target audience will find this magazine appealing. The colours and theme of the front cover is also really metallic and modern, which more or less intrigues people of all ages because most people like to think they are modern and up to date with the latest trends. I think that the front cover also uses fairly simplistic language and there is not language on there that is necessarily complex, this will appeal to young people and therefore is a signifier for this because its easier for them to understand as they are less educated than older people. Another thing is the text, the text is written in a very bold fond that makes it very easy to read, this is also written in a colour that contrasts to the background so that it again, makes it really easy to read and see, this links to the target audience because younger people will want something that is easy to read and something that will catch their eye and that’s what this does. Another thing is that the magazine uses a lot of exciting words, which are also known as buzz words, such as ‘exclusive’, ‘new’, ‘limited edition’ and ‘best movie magazine’, this draws a lot of people in because it sounds new and exciting. This connotates that the target audience is for younger people because young people can be seen as venerable, and (in terms of the Hypodermic Needle Theory) are passive, so they believe a lot about what is said. They have also used a lot of cover lines which sound and look really exciting because they are snippets of what is inside the magazine, and its also upcoming and new movies, which again signifies the target audience because youthful people like this kind of stuff. In this case, the magazine looks like it is more stereotypically aimed at men because of the dark colours and the chosen movie for the front cover.


This is now my analyses on the same front cover of Empire based on what the Media Pack says what the target audience is…

empire front coverAnother thing that tells us the target audience of Empire is the front cover image. This is a film that is aimed at 18-40 year olds, and the image connotates this because it can look fairly scary to more younger people, therefore 18-40 year old is an appropriate age for people to see this magazine. The way the person on the picture is positioned also anchors the fact that it is aimed at 18-40 years olds because it looks slightly like its coming out to you, which can also be quite frighting to younger people. Another thing that signifies the target audience is the taglines; one for the taglines says ‘Sienna Miller on sex’, this anchors the fact that the target audience is for 18-40 year olds because this quite would be inappropriate for a younger target audience because they may not know what this means etc.



Another example of a magazine that has a target audience of 16-25 year olds would be Teen Vogue. According to the Teen Vogue Media Pack, the target audience has a median of age 21, Female and employed.

Teen Vogue is also an example of a niche target audience because its just about fashion and is specifically aimed at young women. The demographic target audience in my opinion for Teen Vogue will be aged 16-25, Female, the ethnicity varied and people around the world are likely to read it. The socio economic status would be C2DE’s, this is because the magazine isn’t very expensive, therefore the income a person would need to purchase this would not need to be very high. The magazine is also aimed at younger people anyway, meaning that the price is inexpensive so that students and other younger people can afford it.

The psychographic profile for Teen Vogue’s target audience would have an interest and passion for fashion, because this is specifically what the magazine is all about. The  cross-cultural consumer characteristic for Teen Vogue I would say is Mainstreamers. This is because most young people are very passionate about there appearance (especially young girls) and therefore are likely to follow the crowd by buying this magazine to get tips on fashion and to fit in socially. Another cross-cultural consumer characteristic for Teen Vogue is Aspires, this is because the magazine is all abut fashion and improving your appearance, and an Aspire is someone who is seeking to improve them self by buying high end items to feel better about themselves.

Here is an example of a teteenvoguedec2013en Vogue magazine. The colour of pink straight away catches your eye, and automatically stereo typically relate it to girls,therefore this is a signifier for the target audience for this magazine. The fact that they have also chosen a well known celebrity (Selena Gomez, who is a young actress and singer) who is a young women for the front cover is also a factor that contributes and is a connotation to the target audience because girls will want to buy this to aspire to the girl on the picture, because young people like her because she is a role model to many young women for starting her successful career ar a very young age. The celebrity who they have chosen is also young, upcoming and new, which also anchors that fact that the target audience want to purchase it because majority of young girls will know who she is. They have also made the woman on the front cover look really glamorous and airbrushed her to make her look almost perfect, this will also draw young girls into buying the magazine because young girls will think that if they buy the magazine it will help them improve their appearance to look like the girl on the front. the fact that the shot is close up to her face also connotates that girls will want to be like her because its that close up that you should be able to see her blemishes on her face, however her face is completely smooth because of the airbrush. Her clothing that Selena Gomez is wearing is also very girly which anchors that it is very stereo typically for girls who are very girly and like the colour pink. The expression on her face looks natural as well as the lighting, this will anchor that it for natural looking fashion.  The price of the magazine is also displayed at the bottom left hand corner, this is displayed as a fairly cheap price which is well selected for the target audience because this signifies that young people are not going to have much money because they will not have jobs and if they did they wouldn’t be on a very high income, therefore they have placed the price at an affordable one for the target audience of young women aged 16-25. However, based on te real target audience (which I have fund in the media pack), it says that the typical reader is employed, which therefore means that the price is at this range for another purpose. They have also used a really legible font so that it is easy to read, some of the more important text is also written in a more bolder font so that it stands out more, connotating that its importance. Another thing is the type of language the magazine uses in the cover lines, they use fairly simplistic language, this is again aimed for the target audience of 16-25’s because younger people are going to be less educated than older people therefore they have used more simple language so that more people are likely to understand. Another thing that appears on the magazine front cover is the mode of address is aimed at you, so it uses words like ‘you’ and asks you rhetorical questions, this anchors the fact that it makes the reader feel involved in the magazine and will encourage people to buy it.


Another example of a magazine that has a target audience of 16-25 year olds would be Heat. According to Heat Media Pack, the target audience is, Female/male split : 86%/14%, with an average age of 30, The socio economic status is ABC1’s, marital status is 48% married/ living with partner, 47% single, home ownership 52%, rent and 46% own home (mortgage/own outright)  and finally presence of children : 34% have children under the age of 15. This target audience is quite a lot different to what i said the demographic and phycographic profile is, e.g. the socio economic status, I thought it would be for the more lower class because of the low price but the media pack says that it is aimed at more higher class people.

In my opinion, I would have said that Heat is aimed at a mass audience because its about general gossip, that a variety of different people will be interested in. The demographic target audience for Heat will be aged 16-25, Female, the ethnicity varied and people around the world are likely to read it. The socio economic status would be C2DE’s, this is because the magazine isn’t very expensive, therefore the income a person would need to purchase this would not need to be very high.

The psychographic profile for Heat’s target audience would have an interest in general gossip about celebrities, because this is specifically what the magazine is all about. The  cross-cultural consumer characteristic for Heat I would say is Mainstreamers. This is because young people are always up to date on the latest gossip and know a lot about new celebrities, therefore buying this magazine will inform them more about this.


Here is an example of a Heat magazine front cover. From looking at this, there are many things that connotates different things that link to the target audience, for example; there are many pictures on the front cover, and images take up most of the room on the front cover in this case, this signifies that Heat is aimed at a younger target audience because younger people are drawn in my colour and pictures rather than text, as if there is too much writing it can be seen as boring. Another thing is the language, which is written in a more simplistic way, and also in an informal way too, such as ‘whats up’ and ‘good’ (whereas they could have used better and more descriptive words) this also anchors the fact that its aimed at a younger target audience because younger people are less likely to understand more complicated language, therefore they have put it in a more simple form so that a more variety of young people will be able to understand it more easily. Another thing that implies the target audience is the price; the price is clearly stated at the top as £1 which is really cheap for a magazine, this suggests that its for C2DE’s because there income will be much lower and ABC1’s, so they have put it at a lower price so that they can afford it. This also links to the fact that the target audience is a younger generation, because younger people wont work or will be on a lower income therefore they can afford this as well. Another thing that committees that the target audience is a younger generation is that the people who are on the front cover are young celebrities who are now very well known by young people, so they have put these people on there because the majority of young people will know who they are and they will want to know what the gossip about them is about. the facial expression on the celebrities faces connotates that they are shocked, which suggests they are shocked about something, this anchors that they are talking about gossip and therefore links to the target audience because younger people are more involved with celebrities personal life and want to find more about it, therefore they would buy this to find out what they are shocked about.



Primary Research- Genre, Target Audience and Industry

The genre that I have chosen to do and analyse is lifestyle e.g. cake and food magazines. According to Online Dictionary, the definition of genre is “a class or category of artistic endeavor having a particular form, content, technique, or the like”.


There are many codes and conventions for these types of magazines (food/lifestyle), but the main thing that catches your eye first is the colours; because these are cake/food magazines, its likely that the target audience is creative, because it takes creativity to be able to decorate a cake, therefore the magazine is going to use lots of bright colours, especially colours that go with the theme of the article e.g. if there is an article on fairy cakes, the colour scheme is likely to be pastel colours because they look pretty together. Code and convention is the images, which are going to be fairly close up so that you can see the detail in the food/cakes, this is so that people can easily see detail in different areas of the food so that when they are recreating it they can refer back to the image, therefore the image has to be really good quality. Another thing is the font; the font is always selected carefully for each artIMG_4326icle so that it goes well with the theme of it, for example, in this article, the theme is Halloween, and therefore they have used spooky looking font so that it goes well with the article and theme. Another code and convention for these types of magazines is the language that they use, they use fairly simple language so that a more majority of people will be able to understand, they also don’t use too many jargon’s, but when they do they explain them so that even beginner bakers will be able to know what it means.


Types of target audiences- demographic and physiographic (Secondary research)

Audience can be divided in to segments or categories based on demographic and psychographic profiling.  Information on audiences are gathered by using a range of research methods.

DEMOGRAPHIC PROFILLING: a description of target audiences

  • Age: are they ages 9-12 or 18-24 etc.
  • Gender: male/female/both
  • Ethnicity: racial background/religion
  • Socio-economic status- income/occupation
  • geographical location: local, nation, global etc.


  • Or socio-economic status can be described using the JICNARS scale.

A- UPPER CLASS TOP OF THEIR JOB (lawyers, doctors)






PROS of demographic profile:

  • Straight to the point
  • easy to retrieve
  • applies to everyone
  • cheaper


  • you have to be a stereotype to retrieve the results
  • more expensive




A description of the target audiences lifestyle, interest and attitudes.

This is an audience segmentation by lifestyle, interest and attitude rather than age and gender.

To “know” you audience really well its best to know their demographic as well as their psychographic profiling.


MAINSTREAMERS – the large group, they are concerned with sustainability mainly buying well recognised items

ASPIRES- people who are seeking to improving them self’s, they would buy high end items to feel better about them self’s.

SUCCEEDERS – there are on top of their game, they would buy products that are of the highest quality to show them self’s off.

REFORMERS – these people are idealist who is eco-friendly products.

INDIVIDUAL- they buy high end produces for the image and not what it does.

PROS of psychographic profile:

  • more personal
  • you can find out about there opinions


  • takes longer retrieve
  • sometimes too personal
  • more expensive
  • no as straight forward





Target Audience (Secondary Research)

From looking on the National Readership Survey , the figures for people who read a the Delicious magazine in print monthly and are 15-34 is 61 thousand. And the stat for PC is 16 thousand. this shows that more people prefer to read the magazine in print than online.

According to Oxford Dictionaries, The definition of target audience is “a particular group at which a product such as a film or advertisement is aimed” (2016).

Its really important to understand your target audience. This is a piece of text which tells us the benefits of understanding your target audience; “When you are speaking you want the listeners to understand and respond favorably to what you are saying. An audience is one or more people who come together to listen to the speaker. The audience may be face to face with the speaker or they may be connected by communication technology such as computers or other media. The audience may be small or it may be a large public audience. A key characteristic of public speaking situations is the unequal distribution of speaking time between speaker and audience. What does this mean? The speaker talks more and the audience listens, often without asking questions or responding with any feedback. In some situations the audience may ask questions or respond overtly by clapping or making comments”, this is from Boundless (2016).

According to Slide Share, it also tells us that target audience is important because “recognising and appealing to your target audience is incredible important as ultimately they will be the types of people who will be watching your film” (or in my case reading my magazine) “Recognising your target audience early on in your pre-production is vital as they will determine the content” (2016).





Industry (Secondary Research)

The Delicious magazine is produced by a company called Eye to Eye Media Ltd. They also produce other similar magazine such as Healthy Food. From reading about this company think that if my magazine would have to be produced by one of these types of companies it would be by Eye to Eye Media Ltd because they produce magazines with he same genre as what i want to create with my magazine. According to Eye to Eye Media, they also “have a state-of-the-art kitchen that can be hired for video and photoshoots” (2010) , which would be perfect for the kind of images I would like to produce for my magazine front cover and articles.




Secondary research- Books

From looking at the book now you’re cookin’- CHOCOLATE (2002), I have been able to get some ideas about the design of this type of book. I really like how the pages look really simple because there is hardly anything on some of the pages, and when there is a lot of things on a page, its not too crowded or got too much colour on it, its really subtle and calm. I also like that the book is easy to follow because it has an index and there isn’t anything within the book that isn’t to do with the recipes of the deserts.

I have also looked at the book Complete Book of Cake Baking & Decorating (1994) which shows a lot more about the decorating side of baking, which was more helpful for me because my magazine is going to be about decorating more so, therefore it was good to get a perspective of what colours and types of fonts this book used. I found that the colours and design aspect the book wasn’t as artistic as I thought, but I do like that the book is very plain and easy to follow. I also like the choice of don’t within it.





From researching all these things so far, I can conclude the main codes and conventions of the genre of magazine I aim to produce (which is lifestyle, or to be more specific on the magazine I will be producing, bakery/cake magazine). These codes and conventions are very colourful images, close up images to capture the detail in the cake decoration, distinctive colours based on the theme of the article, fonts based on the theme of the article, fairly simplistic language despite the few jargons and having more images than there is writing.

I can also conclude a number of factors that these types of magazines use to target their audience (16-24), these things are; using simple language as younger people are less educated and will be able to understand it easier, plenty of colour and images to make it look more appealing, a low price for the magazine so that younger people are able to afford it and finally having the price very small so that it does not discourage people to purchase it. All these things are factors which contribute to targeting the audience 16-24, which is the target audience I will be using for my magazine.

From doing this research, I can conclude that my aim is to produce an two double page spreads and a front cover on baking. One of my articles will be on how to bake a cake which will include techniques on how to decorate it and bake it. This will include step by step images and text and will include lots of colour. The other article will be about a type of dessert that I will personally bake, and then do a taste test for people to give me their opinion on it. For my front cover, I will take a close up image of a well designed cake, ensuring all the detail is captures the images and making sure there is plenty of colour, and then will select the appropriate fonts to go with he genre of the front cover and also make sure the colour scheme goes well together. I also intend to ave a fairly clean layout, avoiding overcrowding the page and making it really easy on the eye to read and follow, I am doing this because from looking at the results for the survey on my moodboards, most people said that they preferred the more tidy designs.  i am also making the fonts really legible but still making this appropriate fro the design because this also links to the data that I collected. This will all link to my target audience (16-24 year olds, because from doing the survey on the moodoards I made, I have concluded what my target audience didn’t like about the examples and what they did like, therefor I have taken note of this and will design my magazine based on these results.



My target audience

From the research that I have gathered so far, this is a description of my target audience for my magazine.


  • Age: 16-25 year olds
  • Gender: female
  • Ethnicity: Any racial background/religion
  • Socio-economic status- C2DE’s
  • geographical location: national



My target audience is an explorer. Explorers want to try and discover new things and their core motivation is discovery. My magazine is about trying and experimenting with new recipes and learning new things so it links well with the description of an explorer.

My target audience are also reformers. They value their own judgement and they do what they want to do. They also have a lot of tolerance. This is my target audience because my magazine is about independence and having the tolerance to try new things.

My target audience is also someone who enjoys to be creative and express their selves in an artistic way. They are always up for trying out new things and experimenting with different ideas. They are also not afraid to be there selves and are really helpful and friendly people.





Primary Research- Testing my idea with my target audience


To test my idea with my target audience, I have created a survey that asks questions based on the idea of my magazine. I have don’t this to make sure that all of my research has been done effectively. This is my survey:

Screen Shot 2016-04-04 at 09.33.17.png


I have then analysed the results…


Screen Shot 2016-04-04 at 09.46.55.pngScreen Shot 2016-04-04 at 09.47.10.pngScreen Shot 2016-04-04 at 09.47.27.pngScreen Shot 2016-04-04 at 09.47.35.png


From looking at these results, I can see that overall, my idea has been successful in terms of target audience, codes and conventions and overall content. I have also had some suggestions on how to improve my idea, including the suggestion of choosing my font carefully, and prefixally choosing a more fancy looking one to go well with my magazine.

I have also been told that my idea fits well for the target audience 16-24 year olds because there are not many magazines of this genre for this age group, therefore this idea will be successful.






Practice Shoots


Before shooting my real photographs for my magazine, I have decided to do a few test shots to get an idea of what works well when I do the practice shoots, so that I can improve when I do the real photographs. However, depending on the quality and if they are good enough, I may choose to use these photographs during production. So, I will be taking test photos and real ones and choosing which ones I like best to use in my actual magazine.

These are the pictures I have taken…

I have also edited a few of them to have a practice of editing them in the way that I would for my magazine. These are the steps I used…


After adding the picture to photoshops, I created a new layer so that I do all my editing within that layer.



I then used the blur tool to blur out all the negative space,so that the image was mainly focused on the brownies.
finish blur


This was the result..finish blur








opacityFinally, I used the brush tool, and changed the opacity opacity to a very low setting so that it was barely visible. I then brushed around the corners and edge of the photograph so that it looks like the image is fading in.

This is the final result…




I really like the way I have taken these images because I think hat they would look really good on my double page spread. I think that the one I have edited would look good filling a whole double page spread with the text on the left. I really like the colours because they are warm and inviting. From taking and editing these test photos, I can now take my real ones knowing that I like what I have done on the test shoot, so I will take them in a similar way.



Audience Feedback from Presentation


I have conducted some more primary research by producing a presentation on the whole of my project so far and have presented it in front of my class. This has given me a good opportunity to get some feedback on my project;

Many people have said positive things about the idea of my project. My classmates think that the idea is very creative and a good idea to be doing a cake decorating magazine for the age group of 16-17 year olds because there are not many magazines of this genre aimed at this age range. They also said they think that using lots of colours on my magazine like on the example magazines is a good idea because colour draws a lot of people in- especially when they are young because younger people tend to be more attracted to colour and picture rather than chunks of writing.

I also had a few questions such as ‘are you thinking of using buns to have your text on like the example picture on the powerpoint?’. My answer was that because i have already taken some good pictures of brownies with love hearts on, and they have gone really well,  I am now planning on using these images. However, I am experimenting on Photoshop with some different ideas for my images, therefore I may end up writing the text so that it looks like its been baked with food.



Legal and ethical issues


Before creating my magazine, I had a look back on some legal and ethical issues so that I could bare this in mind before producing my magazine.


Screen Shot 2016-05-23 at 10.23.14.png


So, I need to keep in mind copyright when producing my magazine because if I decide to use other images for my magazine, I need to make sure I consult the owner of the image and ask for there permission before using it, or I can use images that have no rights on it.


I also needed to make sure that the content I am going to writing is suitable for people under the age of 18 since my magazine is going to be aimed at 16-24 year olds.


I also need to use the correct terminology when writing my articles so that is appropriate for the target audience and for the theme of the article.





Primary Research

Throughout this project so far, I have slightly adjusted and added a few more ideas, and i now have a more precise idea of what i will be producing; therefore,  I have now researched another article more specific about one of the articles that i will be using, which is the chocolate article.

Here is one of the articles i have found that I like and that i would like to create…



I like this article because i think that it looks really plain yet effective. I think that the target audience for this would be a mass audience because many people around the world enjoy chocolate and therefore most people would read this article. The demographic target audience in my opinion for this would be aged 20-40 because the picture shows a young woman,and therefor someone at a similar age range is more likely to read it, Female ( again because there is a woman on the front). And the ethnicity would be varied and people around the world are likely to read it. The socio economic status would be ABC1,s this is because the magazine looks plain and doesnt have much excitement to it, this would appeal more to older people, who are more likely to have successful jobs as it takes a while to get into a successful job, therefore they are unlikely to be very young. The psychographic profile for this article’s target audience would be reformers and succeeders, this is because reformers are people who seek enlightenment and always want to improve themselves, and on this magazine it says ‘take control of your cravings, stay slim and still feel satisfied’, therefor this article is t try and get slim by making yourself feel better, which is what reformers would want to do to improve themselves. And succeeders seek control, which again links well with that quote because they want to take control of there diet (and themselves).

I like this article because i think it looks really unique with squares, i also think this looks very modern and technical because they remind me of pixels of an image. However, they also remind me of squares in chocolate which links really well with the article. the fact that they are turning white also anchors the article because its like they are making the chocolate disappear, which is what they are trying to achieve in the article because it says ‘here’s the scientific proven way to control your cravings’.




Before I start the production of my front cover, I have now done some more audience feedback research. I have got focus group for my 2 double page spreads that I have produced so far and I have asked them what they think about it.

This is the survey that I created…

Screen Shot 2016-05-09 at 13.31.29.png

I decided to create a survey for m focus group because I think its a quick and easy way to collect feedback (for me and the focus group). It also makes it easy to put the results into perspective.


These were the results:


After analysing these results, i can conclude that that many people from the focus group liked the colour scheme the most. From getting this information, i now know to apply this to my front cover. People all said that the mages draw them in, and in the comments field said that this is because they are high quality and presented nicely on the page. It was also mentioned that they liked how I have presented them largely on my magazine. Again, I can include similar content on the front cover.


Although this information was helpful, I wanted to get more detail. So I decided to do a 1 to 1 interview with a person from the focus group, Reece Payling- 17 years old. I asked him…

  • “Would you buy this magazine?”

-“Yes, because they make me want to find out more about the articles as they use tempting words ad images”.

  • “What do you think about the colours?”

– I really like the colours because they are vibrant and draws me in- especially when the colours are contrasting like the raspberries”

  • “What do you think about the images?”

-They are very sharp, direct and high quality. It also tells a lot about what the article is about from just looking about it.

  • “What do you think about the layout?”

– “It flows really well and leads your eye around it nicely which makes the overall layout work really well. the only thing that I would have to say if needed is that the Chocolate article looked a bit dark. However, it does link in well with what you were trying to achieve so I can’t see this being a problem at all”.


From interviewing Reece, I can see from the answers he gave me that my 2 double page spreads are successful. The answers to all the questions are positive and he said that he would purchase the magazine. The only criticism i was given was that one of the articles looked dark, which i can understand. I now know that most people enjoy seeing bright and light colours on an article, which is what I will be doing for my front cover.



Here I have been brain storming different ideas for the name of my magazine.




I am now going to pass the sheet of paper round a focus group  of around 6 people and allow them to vote for which name they prefer for the idea of my magazine.

Here are the results…

The ticks on the names represent a vote. As you can see, the ‘Fun fondant” name has the most votes. I will now be choosing one of the names that have a tick next to them for my magazine.



I am researching different fonts so that I can have an idea of what fonts i could use for the title of my magazine. I have researched a few different cake magazines so that I could look at the fonts they have used for there mast head.

From looking at these fonts, I have noticed that the fonts are classy, simple and quite fancy. I like the fonts on these magazines because they are the typical fonts that you would expect to see on a cake/decorating magazine. These are the types of fonts that I will be using on my magazine.



While designing my front cover, I came across these 4 different fonts that I thought looked really on my magazine because I think they look really natural yet fun. I also think that some of them looked liked they have been iced onto the page because of the way the font flows really well such as the font ‘Chocolate Heart’. I couldn’t decide which one looked most relevant and effective on my page so I left the decision upon my target audience. This is an effective way to decide because I can’t really go wrong with letting the audience of my magazine decide because they are the ones that would be initially reading it.

I did this by allowing my focus group to vote which font they preferred.  These were the results:

Cookies&Milk – 2 votes

Chocolate Heart- 1 vote

Chocolate Dealer- 0 votes

Chopshop – 5 votes

Screen Shot 2016-05-16 at 10.30.41.png

Looking at these result, it is obvious that the ‘Chopshop’ font won the vote, meaning this is what majority of my target audience preferred, therefore I will be using this in as my title for my magazine.




I have had sone feedback from one of my tutors on the whole of my magazine. I emailed my two double page spreads and my front cover to her to be able to get her opinion on them and also to get some feedback to see if she thought anything needed adding or adjusting in any way. After emailing it to her, I was able to get some useful feedback. I was told that there was some random spacing on the paragraphs on my double page spreads that needed to be removed, therefore I removed these. I also was told that in my chocolate article, the different sections on the double page spread aren’t clear enough that they are different sections. Therefore i needed to edit it in some way to make it more clear and separate from each other.


This was the article before..

Screen Shot 2016-05-09 at 11.28.31


This is it now..


Screen Shot 2016-05-19 at 11.57.01



To finish up my project, i have done some audience research to find out what my target audience thought of my final product. I did this my producing this survey…


These were the results..


Screen Shot 2016-05-26 at 09.56.15
From looking at the results for this question, I can see that the magazine was quote successful in appealing to my target audience. This is because 86% of people said they would purchase the magazine.


Screen Shot 2016-05-26 at 09.56.57
Again, this was also successful because the majority of people who took my survey said that it appeals to my target audience, and i also had some positive comments to why it appeals to them. I agree with these comments because they relate to the things i purposely included from doing previous research on what my target audience like.


Screen Shot 2016-05-26 at 09.57.06Screen Shot 2016-05-26 at 09.57.20










I asked these questions so that i could know for the future what was the most successful in my magazine, so i could do similar things like this again for the target audience.



Screen Shot 2016-05-26 at 09.57.30
This question was the most important to me because i wanted to know what more i could have done to make it appeal to my target audience even more. These comments really helped me to understand what they thought and i do agree with some of them.



I have asked these questions to get an idea of what type of people took my survey. I wanted to know this because there could be a pattern in the results in terms of more women have taken the survey and said positive things, therefore my magazine could mainly appeal to women.



Screen Shot 2016-05-26 at 09.58.21


Screen Shot 2016-05-26 at 09.58.08