Entry 1- 8/03/16

Today I have been briefed on what I need to do for the Final Major Project and I have thought of an idea of what I can do for it and also written the action plan for my project. I did this so that I could have down in writing what my overall plan is for my magazine, which I can always look back on to keep myself on the right tracks. I found writing the action plan fairly easy because I already knew that I wanted to do my magazine on a baking, therefore I just needed to put it down into words what my overall plan was. However, I did face the difficulty of managing to get my points across very little words (100 words), but I overcame this by taking away the parts that were not necessary. I now need to move onto my research in order to get more perspective for what I want to do.

Entry 2-10/03/16

Today I have started my research portfolio, which is very important as all the research I do will not only help me plan my project further, but it will also help me during the production of my magazine. I began to conduct some research on different images, front cover designs and article designs based on the cakes/baking theme that I want to do for mine. With this research, I have produced 3 Moodboards on Pinterest and then briefly summarised them. With this research, I can constantly refer back to them as during my production as these are my inspirations. I have also conducted some primary research by making a questionnaire for my target audience (16-24), asking questions about their opinions of the moodboards that I have produced, and some more personal questions about what types of magazines they read. I have then gathered the results from my questionnaire and put them into bar charts; this has helped me to understand my target audience better. It will also help me during production, this is because I now know what the audience liked and disliked about the designs I had chosen for my moodboards, and therefore I can customise my magazine in a more efficient way to reflect back to my target audience. I now need to conduct further research to get even more of an idea of what my magazine must contain.

Entry 3- 14/03/16

Today I have conducted further research. I have had a look on YouTube as some InDesign techniques that I would like to use during the production of my magazine. I have done this because I wasn’t too confident with certain skills and tools on InDesign, therefore I have looked at some YouTube videos so that I can develop and learn this skill/tool. I have then done some more primary research by looking at different magazine front covers and analysing them in terms of font, colour, image, layout etc. I have also linked this back to the audience by talking about why certain factors of the front cover suggest the target audience of 16-24. I also had a look at the Media packs for these magazines and wrote down what the target audience was for them. I faced the difficulty of technical problems at this point but I overcame this by moving to a different machine. I now need to do some secondary research for my project.

Entry 4- 15/03/16

Today I have begun to conduct some secondary research; I began by gathering some magazine designs based on the genre of magazine I want to do (cake/bakery). I then wrote analysed some of codes and conventions for this type of genre. I have done this because I wanted to get a clear understanding of what specific codes an conventions this genre of magazines had, so that I could then have this knowledge during the production of my magazine, and so I could make sure I add these things in when creating mine. I also looked up the definition of genre and why it’s important so that I could have a clear understanding of what I was researching in the first place, and to understand why I was researching this. After that, I looked at target audience why it’s important to understand who your target audience is, and after doing this I was glad to have done all the research I have on target audience as I now understand how important it is. I then looked up what the figures were for how many people who are 15-34 read the magazine Delicious monthly, to get an idea if my target audience would read the type of magazine I am going to create- and they do. This was helpful because knowing the stats for a similar magazine that I will be producing makes it more clear in my mind who my target audience is and specifically how often they read it. Because I was doing secondary research, I got all of this information from various websites, therefore I also began write my bibliography to give credit to different websites for the information I have collected for Copyright.

Entry 5- 17/03/16

Today I have written a conclusion for all of my research, which includes a summary of the main codes and conventions of the genre of magazine I am aiming to produce, a summary of how the magazines I have researched have targeted their audience and finally a summary of my overall idea. I have done this conclusion to overall rap up everything that I have researched. This also makes it much easier to look back on during the production because instead of going back and reading everything in detail to find out key information, I can just look at the conclusion for a summarized version.


Entry 6- 4/4/16


Today I have completed my planning research by doing more secondary research to find out if my idea is successful in terms of target audience, codes and conventions and overall content; this has been done through a survey that I have created. I have done this so that I know from the actual target audience of my magazine that my idea will be successful. I have also done this to get even more information just in case any more things need altering before I go ahead and start my production. I have also managed to collect more information on how I can make my idea even better based on the layout.


Entry 7- 12/4/16

Today I have completed my proposal, to do this I have written my project concept and my evaluation. I have done these so that I can have an overall summary of what I am doing for my FMP and the skills that I will need to use etc. This is helpful for guidance during the production so that I do not go off track, and I can keep referring to my proposal in order to keep on track with what I need to be doing.


Entry 8- 14/4/16

Today I have taken some practice shoots for my photographs. I have taken various photographs based on what I would like to create for my pictures for my magazine. I have done this so that I am able to have a practice of taking images so that when it comes to taking the real thing, I will know what works well and what does not. I have also taken these photos because it will give me something good to fall back on just in case my photos that I am going to take for my magazine do not go as planned, so I can use these images.




Entry 9- 19/4/16

Today I have begun to write my recipe for my magazine. However, after getting some feedback for my tutor, I have decided to do one of my double page spreads all about chocolate, whereas before I was just going to do it about a chocolate brownie recipe. The reason for me changing this is because writing a recipe doesn’t give me a chance to show my writing skills to their full potential, therefore doing it on chocolate gives me a chance to show my writing skills better. I have also improved my research on the analysis on three double page spreads after taking some advice off a friend that it needs to be more specific and more aimed towards the media packs, therefore I have improved this in more detail.


Entry 10- 22/4/16

Today I have brought two cakes into class with me that I have made the previous day; I have made an Oreo cake and a Kinda cake- both very popular chocolate treats put into a cake. I have done this for my other magazine article that is going to be based around the topic ‘Kinda VS Oreo’. I have allowed my classmates to have a slice of both the Oreo and Kinda cake, to be able to make a decision to choose which one they preferred.  The cake that majority of the people said they preferred was Oreo. I have also taken detailed pictures of these cakes in a wide range of different angles and ways, which will go onto the magazine double page spread. I will then go on to editing and adjusting these images on Photoshop to make them look even more professional.


Entry 11- 25/4/16

Today I have drawn a sketch of two ideas that I can use for my ‘Chocolate’ article. I have drawn this sketch so that I can visually have an idea of what the article would look like if I did do it like that. This is going to help me when it comes to my production and final ideas because I can make my final decisions on what kind of idea I will be going for before I create it, and it will also help me during production because I can look back at it to see what my idea was to start with. I have also done a presentation to my class on what I have done so far in terms of research and proposal. I have done this to be able to get some audience feedback on the whole of my project so far. This will allow me to make any adjustments if someone gives me any good ideas or if anyone wants me to improve it. I feel like this went well as I was able to collect useful information from my classmates and tutor on what they like about my project. I was also able to get some tips on how they think it could improve my project; therefore, I will be taking this in mind when proceeding with my project.



Entry 12- 26/4/16

Today I have done some more up to date primary research on another magazine article. I have analysed this based on the target audience. I have done this because after doing previous research and getting on with my project, I now have more of a clear perspective and idea of what  I will be producing, therefore I have analysed a front cover that is more relevant to what  I will be doing. This will (and already has) helped me because it has given me some good ideas on what to do in terms of design. I am now going to proceed with designing my article with the ideas that the magazine article I have analysed has given me, and I will do some more research on this if need be.


Entry 13- 28/4/16

Today I have finished my first double page article (the chocolate one). I have had a lot of problems throughout this production. First of all, because I have a picture at the top of the article that is slanted diagonal across the whole double page spread, I needed to change the shape of the text box because otherwise it would have gone across this image. I overcame this by asking one of my tutors for advise. He showed me how to do this on InDesign by adding points on the text box and dragging them in my desired position, which eventually made the shape that I wanted. Another problem I faced was the positon of my text. I experimented with a few positions and different numbers of columns but nothing seemed to look well with the design. Again, I asked another tutor for some advice and they guided me to have the full chunk of text together in 2 columns instead of different pieces of text separate. I took her advice and we both assessed the final product and we both agreed it looked much better. We also decided on a font together to match the theme of the article and we also made sure it was clearly legible. Finally, I faced another problem when the whole design was finished. After asking a tutor what they thought of the final product, the gave me some positive feedback but also suggested that the raspberries in the image I had chosen looked flat in colour. She said that they play a big part in the article because they give the only splash of contrasting colour so they need to be noticeable. I took this feedback on board and we both opened up the same image in Photoshop. We selected just the raspberries and over exposed them so they would stand out in the image. I uploaded it back onto my final product and we both agreed that it looked much more exciting and enthusiastic than it did before. All this criticism from my mentors have really helped me along the way because getting feedback (especially from the age range at which my magazine is aimed at), because its similar to getting audience feedback along the way to make sure my target audience likes my magazine. I now need to begin my production of my second article and get feedback along the way.


Entry 14- 2/5/16

Today I have begun the production of my other article. I have placed m images and my text onto the double page and also explored various fonts. After experimenting with the composition and size of the text and images, I came with a final decision of how my double page spread is going to be structured. After this, I looked at various fonts and also decided on this too. After showing one of my tutors, I was given some constructive criticism about my images. I was told that the images looked too yellow and flat and needed editing further to make them look to he best standard as possible. We both took the photos on to Photoshop and edited them in terms of levels, contrast, brightness and exposure. It was successful so we put the edited images back onto the Indesign document and the whole design looked much better. I did this because I want my magazine to look really professional and want it to look like so people would buy it, and now it does.


Entry 15- 5/5/16

Today I have had some more criticism from another tutor. I was told that my other article (Kinder VS Oreo Cake) looks too plain and white and could do with a bit of colour. I was curious to what I could do because I had thought that my article was more or less complete and liked the idea that there was a lot of white in it. However, I know that this was more or less audience feedback, and wanted to make it look the best I can for all of my target audience. I experimented with different colours for the background but nothing seemed to work. However, I uploaded another one of my images onto the article and filled the whole screen with it. I then edited the transparency so that it was almost completely unseen and I found that this worked really well. I decided that this was what I was going to do, but unfortunately had a problem with the other images that was on the spread. Because the image was filling the whole screen, it was on top of the other images. And although the transparency was slow, it was making the other images look duller than I wanted them to be. I uploaded the new photo on to Photoshop and then rubbed out the edges of the image (where the other images would sit on the double page spread). This also made an effective fading effect too. I uploaded the image back onto the spread and everything worked really well- the problem had been solved.


Entry 16- 9/5/16

Today I have done some more primary research. Because my two double page spreads are now complete, I have done some audience research before continuing to my front cover, to make sure what I have done so far is successful for my target audience. I have created a short and easy survey and let people look at my two articles and then answer the questions. I then analysed the results to find out that my articles were successful. I did this so that I make sure that my articles were successful before beginning my front cover to find out that they don’t appeal to my target audience. So by doing this, I can be sure that my target audience like the way I am designing my magazine. After analysing these results, I wanted to get more depth and detail about what people think. Therefore, I conducted an interview with a person that fits into my target audience. I asked him multiple questions and this was very helpful because I was able to find out detail about what he liked and disliked about certain things, therefore when I go onto my front cover I can add the detail that he likes. After getting this information, I was almost ready to start designing my front cover, however I hadn’t thought of a name. I brainstormed some ideas on a sheet of paper so that I could visually see what the name would look like and how it sounded. I then did some more primary audience research by allowing people to vote for which name they liked the most- this was very helpful because my target audience has now practically picked the name for my magazine, so I know that the name will definitely appeal to most of my target audience. I now need to begin to design my front cover.


Entry 17- 10/5/16

Today I have started to put together my front cover. I first had to edit the image that I am using for it because it needed to touching up I also needed to edit any speckles out of it. I did this by using the spot healing tool and then decided that I wanted the background to be plain white so I used the brush tool and coloured in the background white, careful going round the image. I had the difficulty of not being able to go round the detailed parts of the image such as the hair. However, I overcame this by zooming in as much as I could and using a small brush to slowly and careful go round the image. I also changed the opacity of the brush to a lower percentage so that it wasn’t as harsh and intense. After this, it was ready to ad to my magazine. After I added it on, I added a few pieces of text and found that the background looked too plain. Therefore, I found an image on Google Images and changed the search tools from ‘Users rights’ to ‘Any’ to ‘Labelled for Reuse’ so that there wouldn’t be any issues relating to copyright. I then chose patterned image to go on the background so I chose a pink zig zag pattern. I put this on the picture then realised that it would overlay the original image, s I changed the opacity so that it was more transparent. I then faced the issue of it making eh original image looked duller, Therefore I put the new image on Photoshop and rubbed out the image where the cake on the original image was going to go, so that it wouldn’t overlay the image. After adding it back on it worked well and fit on the image just fine. I then added different pieces of text and experimented with the font. I then did a vote with a focus group on which font I should use for my title, I did this because I thought that the people who would actually be reading the magazine should decide as they would be the kind of people who would be reading it, so they need to like the appearance. I simply did this by allowing them to look at all the fonts and choosing which one they preferred, and then keeping track of this. It turned out that the font “Chopshop” won the vote, therefore I decided I would use this font as my focus group have decided on this. After choosing my font, my front cover started to come together nicely and everything coordinated well. I constantly asked my focus group what they thought about different things along the way to make sure it was up there expectations on what they would read, and eventually my front cover was finished. I now need to get some feedback to make some final adjustments from my focus group.


Entry 18- 16/5/16

I have emailed my whole magazine (two articles and front cover) to one of my tutors to be able to to some feedback on what she thought needed adjusting. Soon after I had an email back with some useful feedback, on my magazine. I was told that the whole thing looked really good and professional but she also gave me some advice on what she thought would be able to make it better. She said that there are some random paragraph spaces that don’t need to be there on some of my articles which need to be removed, therefore I adjusted my articles so that everything ran smoothly and there were no harsh gaps that didn’t need to be there. She also said that she thought that on the chocolate article, there needed to be something that separated the different sections in the article. E.g. there is an introduction, a did you know section and a brownie recipe, however you can’t tell that there are these different sections that easily because you everything just flows as one. I now need to edit this so that you are able to see the different sections in the article.


Entry 19- 17/5/16

Today I have edited my chocolate article based on the feedback that I have received from my tutor via email. She said I need to adjust it slightly so that you can see the different sections within the double page. I did this by editing my sub titles- I changed the font to a completely different one so that it would easily stand out. I also made them slightly bigger and changed the colour to pure white (unlike the rest of my text which is a grey colour, although this is hard to notice). After doing all this, it was much clearer to see that the double page had different sections and the sub titles were easier to see.


Entry 20-20/5/16

Today I have completed my 2 double page spreads and front cover and needed to export it to a PDF. During the process of this, I had a lot of issues to do with the pictures. Unfortunately, when exporting it, the exported version had a few images missing (not very important ones but still a couple of images were missing). I tried to resolve this issue by asking my tutor who teaches InDesign on a regular basis. We both sat down and tried to resolve the issue by doing multiple things to the images that went missing such as changing the file format and bit number. However, all of this was unsuccessful. We carried on o try and resolve the issue by Googling it and still we could not find anything. After proceeding to carry on looking, I decided that I needed to prioritise things and put things into perspective. I need to get evaluation written in order to meet my deadline, therefore I will do all these things first, and if I have time I will proceed in finding a solution. I now need to write my evaluation for my project.


Entry 21- 23/5/16

Now that I have finished my magazine, I have now done some final audience research. I did this by producing a survey and posting it on social media so that I could allow my target audience to complete it. I did this so that I could have some final feedback for the future, and also to see if it was successful. I then analysed the stats in my research. Finally, I have written my evaluation for the whole of this unit to explain how the things I did effected my product.