Interview Do’s and Don’ts


  • Research the company- There are a number of ways to do this. Talk to people you know at the company, go online.
  • Prepare some questions- It demonstrates your interest in him/her, the company and the available position
  • Try to get detailed direction and contact information- The more the better. Ask or your contact’s work and mobile numbers, the receptionist’s phone number, the address of the building, parking information and helpful landmarks.
  • Dress to impress- Before the interview, ask your interviewer or the receptionist if the dress code is business formal or business casual. If you feel uncomfortable asking or are uncertain about the dress code, it’s always best to slightly overdress.
  • Arrive 15 to 30 mins early ve nothing to chance. Plan for traffic delays, accidents or poor directions. Leave yourself enough time to relax and prepare in the car park.
    Make eye contact with the interviewer
    Your posture, body language and eye contact can say a lot about your self confidence and your interest in the position. Look and sound as though you mean what you’re saying, and sound interested in it too!


  • Rehearsals – don’t rehears your answers too much, you don’t want the person interviewing you to think you are resisting them from memory because if you do it could show you as been not confident with you and your answers. Just be prepared to answer them on the spot and them been unique.
  • Smell – having to much aftershave and perfume  on you at a interview could make the person think you are trying to hard but having a strong smell of smoke could show you to spend to much time with a cigarette in hand than doing work.
  • Been late – if you are late on purpose then this could let your employer know that anything they ask you to do like the time you need to be in work for and any projects your going be late. It also could show that your not serious about the position.
  • Arriving stressed – if you arrive stressed your employer will be able to tell and feel that stress but they won’t know that you may not normally be like that they will think that that is you. You don’t want to create a false persona of your self.
  • Fidget – if you Slouch, fidget, or yawn while being interviewed they may not take you seriously because it could show what you may be like on the job. Don’t chew gum or bring food or drink into an interview because it not a great impression to present yourself with.
  • Past employers – Don’t speak negatively about your current or former company, boss, or coworkers because this could show the one that is interviewing you that you may not be a nice person, plus they may know or be friends with the people you are talking about.Answering questions – Don’t answer every question that they ask you with a simple “yes” or “no” because this shows them that you may not be very confident with your answers and this could lead on to the work you may have to produce if you get the job.