Today, freelance journalism can feel like a constant battle: to come up with good ideas, to pitch them to the right places and to land assignments that both pay well and leave enough room for more writing. Many reporters turn to freelancing at some point in their careers.

There are many ways in which journalists can promote themselves..

  • Website

A personal website where potential customers can read your work is a must for any professional freelance writer. Include information about what type of writing you do, and post a sample article pertaining to each category for which you write, such as content writing, press releases, video scripts, or white papers. Optimize your website for search engines, include auto-responders for quick communication, and be sure to follow up on inquiries within 24 hours.

  • Blogs

Write blog posts on a consistent basis and submit them to your social media platforms. Include ways for potential clients to contact you, including a link to your website, your email address, and links to your Twitter and Facebook accounts. Some ideas for you to write about include your writing techniques, your daily routine, and your area or areas of specialty. If you do this on a regular basis, you will start to build a following. Inquiries for your writing will soon follow.

  • Forums

Forums are a very effective means of self-promotion. A great way to network with other writers is to visit forums for writers. You may hear about organizations and individuals looking for writers, and at the same time pick up writing tips

  • Use email marketing
    This is particularly effective if you blog regularly, but still works even if you don’t. Setting up an email newsletter to keep people up to date with your freelance writing activities can be an effective way of marketing yourself and remaining at the forefront of people’s minds. It’s free and ridiculously easy to set up an email newsletter.


  • Business cards

Although simple, every self owned business has business cards to promote the business.


  • Own Websites

Having your own websites is good self promotion for freelance journalists as they are able to include portfolios of your work to promote it.


  • Advertisements

This is where you pay others to advertise your company via the TV, Radio or with posters and banners.


What is a digital portfolio?

Digital portfolios provide a distillation of an individual’s best work, typically generated over a year or a longer period of time. Most digital portfolios contain a broad range of information to properly capture the person’s versatility. Information in digital portfolios may also be in a variety of media, such as text, photographs, illustrations, diagrams, web material, audio files, spreadsheets and PowerPoint presentations.


This is an example of someone  digital portfolio of their photography work..

I like this portfolio because it tells the viewer a little bi about them as a person and then most of the content is just examples of their work which is the whole point of a portfolio.


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