From a young age, I have always loved expressing myself in a creative manner. From then, I have been able to develop this into a hobby and maybe someday a career; which is why I want to apply for this course.

My skills in photography first began to excel in secondary school, where over a period of 3 years I completed 4 different subjects in art/photography; GCSE Photography, GCSE Photographic Communications, GCSE Art and AS Photography. From there, I have continued along this pathway to do a media based course in college in order to expand my horizon in the photography area, in hope to learn the qualities of a photojournalist and other photography centred careers.

From studying my current course, I have gained many skills to contribute towards my artistic passion. These include analytical skills, software experience (e.g. Photoshop, InDesign, and Muse), research skills, time management, independent worker, team worker.

Throughout the time I have spent on this course, I have been given the opportunity to use and develop my existing skills in photography throughout my college course. A big part of my final major project at the end of the first year was hugely complimented by the photographs I took and was also accompanied with my experienced editing abilities on Photoshop. Taking photos as part of a journalism course has also given me the understanding and knowledge on how to take photos tailored to a specific audience range. This has opened my mind to how much there is to learn on different types of photography and makes me want to learn as much as I possibly can about the various natures in photography. Expressing myself in this approach whilst on this course only defined my passion for photography even more, giving me the specific mind set for what I want to do in the future- which is unquestionably something along the photography route.

As well as dedicating my time towards college work, I have also completed photography tasks in my own time. I have taken pictures for clients at birthday parties and have also taken photographs at a farm festival which are currently being used to promote a store on the farm where the festival took place. This has given me experience and knowledge towards the aspects of working in this type of industry and has given me an insight of how each day would typically pan out, which only makes me want to do this more. I have also hugely built up my confidence by interacting with new people.

I have achieved my bronze and silver award in the Duke of Edinburgh award. This included working as part of a team to plan routes, locate various pin points on a map, working independently by leading the rest of the team and taking part in a volunteering scheme, a sport and a skill for 6 months.

Anyone that knows me identifies me as a strongly motivated person that has lots of drive and ambition and will push for what I want. I have demonstrated this throughout the whole of my time in secondary school and college by continuously aiming for the targets and grades that I know I am capable of. This also gives me lots of independence as an individual because I like to work at my own pace to meet deadlines and targets.

I currently work at Morrison’s as a Cafe Assistant which includes the roles of working the till and interacting with customers, serving food, cleaning, operating the pot wash and cooking food. I also do a few hours in the administration department. Here I am responsible for legal checking increases and decreases in products and sorting current offers out. I also occasionally work on the shop floor where I put stock out on the shelfs, tidying the store and provide good customer service to those who need it. This job has hugely increased my confidence and has made me a more approachable and bubbly person. It has also given me skills that I can contribute to this course such as time management, team working, organisation skills and independence.