It’s Halloween! That means it’s time to bake away and have some fun with your icing, fondant and buttercream. Here are some delicious cakes I’ve made for a spook’actic Halloween party.

You don’t necessarily need a lot of ingredients and advanced baking equipment’s to be able to bake some fantastically decorated cakes, just the imagination. So, this is how I created mine…

The first thing I did was mix up a simple sponge mix, spooned it into cupcake cases, baked it in the oven and waited for them to cool down; then the fun begins. I started to think of things related to Halloween- pumpkins, ghosts, witches, graveyards- basically anything spooky.

Like I said, you don’t need lots of things to be able to decorate your cupcakes. It’s easy to make butter cream to pipe onto your cakes, all you need is butter and icing sugar- and if you want it a specific colour, food colouring. Once you made this, if you don’t own a legit piping bag, it’s so easy to make your own with simple house hold items- I normally use a sandwich bag and just cut the corner off, and there you have it.

For fondant (roll out icing), although you can make it yourself if you wanted to, it’s just as cheap and easier to buy pre-made fondant that you roll out yourself. With this, you can cut out any shapes you like to contribute towards your ghostly cupcakes.

And that’s all that’s to it, all you need to do is use your imagination and put your nimble fingers to good work. Happy baking!