Kylie Jenner has announced a new feature to her Kylie Cosmetics collection following her eyeshadow launch in July.

The reality TV star and model has decided to bring out a new burgundy eyeshadow pallet- also known as Kyshadow- to add to her online cosmetic store which will be launching on
Thursday, October 20th at 1 p.m. Pacific time.

The new Kyshadow pallet includes a mix of matte and metallic colours (unlike the bronze Kyshadow pallet which only included matte) and contains golds, coppers, taupes and burgundy shades.

Kylie stated on Snapchat that it includes “all the tools you need to create the perfect burgundy eye”.

Stacey Rhodes, a journalist student from Sheffield said, “Having tried the bronze Kyshadow pallet and the burgundy pallet, the quality of the eye shadow is really good. It seems to last all day without smudging or transferring.

“I can’t really say which one is my favourite because the quality of them both are at equal standards, however the colours and shades vary with the weather and season. At the minute, I’m loving the burgundy shades because they go well with the autumn season”.

Megan Wallace, from Barnsley also said “I haven’t got the bronze pallet but if its anything like the burgundy one then i wouldn’t complain.

“I was very optimistic to buy it because of the price an yo also get charged for customs when ordering to the UK, but i thought id treat myself and I wasn’t disappointed.

“The colours complement each other so well and they just look amazing for winter”

Kylie Cosmetics has also recently launched four new seasonal Lip Kits called Trick, Moon, Pumpkin, and Spice.

These autumn appropriate mattes all sold out upon launch and will be replenished on Thursday, Oct. 20, right alongside the new Burgundy Kyshadow.

These fall inspired shades couldn’t be more appropriate as the cold weather approaches and the winter makeup shades come out.