Oreo has become the best-selling cookie in the United States since its introduction in 1912. The sweet creamed cookie worked its way over
to the UK in 2008, and is now all the craze in
the sweets and treats market judging from many pages on social media like Facebook.
There are countless videos being made on how to make recipes based all around Oreos.
However, there is another popular treat that sends us Brits chocolate crazy and that’s Kinder chocolate – Kinder Eggs, Kinder Buenos, Kinder Bon Bons – all sorts from the Kinder chocolate range. Kinder Chocolate originated in Germany in 1967. It seems that Kinder Chocolate brings out the kid in us all because it was originally produced for children (“kinder” means “children” in German), but it must be that delicious that people from all age ranges enjoy the yummy treats.
You might be thinking, ‘why compare a cookie and chocolate’? This is why. Over the months, there has been an outbreak on social media of videos and tutorials of people making cakes, pies, and even sweet lasagnas.
The most popular products to make them with have been Oreos and Kinder Chocolate. For example, a recipe on the Food Bible’s Facebook page is Oreo Lasagna.
This starts by crushing Oreos and putting them in the bottom of a dish, then adding extra thick cream. After that they add a layer of melted chocolate, then another layer of cream.
Finally they add chocolate chips and more crushed Oreos on the top – and there you have it, Oreo Lasagna.

So I’ve decided to find out which is the best with the Oreo v Kinder taste test.
 In the Oreo corner is a delicious cookies and cream chocolate cake, with a crunchy Oreo butter cream layer.
 In the Kinder corner is a tasty chocolate cake with
a nutty twist, layered with velvety chocolate icing and many Kinder treats.

The cakes were sampled by
eight people who voted for their
Five out of the eight taste-testers
gave a massive thumbs-up to the
Oreo cake.
Here’s what they had to say.
Kinder fan Reece Payling,
aged 17, a journalism student
at Hillsborough College
said: “The Kinder Cake
was beautiful, flavorsome
and it would definitely be
something that Mary Berry
would be proud of.
“The taste of peanut
butter in the cake was
to die for and was so
unique. I don’t think I
have ever tasted cake
like it”.
Jane Parr, aged 48, a
photographic lecturer
at Sheffield College,
preferred the Oreo cake.
She said: “I don’t really
have a very sweet tooth so
I was a little bit skeptical to
whether I would like it or now.
“When I tasted it I was pleasantly
surprised to find that it wasn’t
particularly sweet, it was beautifully moist
and tasted wonderful.”
So why don’t you have a go at making some wonderful recipes like these? Just head over to Facebook to the Food Bible Facebook page and you’ll find all sorts of delicious recipes like this.