Overall, I feel like my interview went really well. I went into the interview quite confident and came out the same way. When i went in, i shook the interviewees hand and introduced myself. I got constant feedback along the way of the interview on how  was doing and to start off with they said that  came across as confident which is a good thing.

I answered the questions confidently and feel like i gave reasonable good answers and tried to make everything as positive as i could.

I had a problem within the interview which i can learn from in the future, I prepared n online portfolio of my college and photography work that i could show her if she asked to see some of my work- which she did. However, there was no computer in the room and i could not access it on my phone because there was no service in the room that i was in. This is a mistake that i can learn from in the future by always taking a physical copy of my work because i don’t know the circumstances of where in the interview is taking place.

I also got some feedback on my CV, my interviewee told me that I had repeated myself a bit in a big paragraph and needed to short it down to bullet points so that people can easily find the information that they need.

She also said that in the CV I mentioned having software skills but didn’t really mention which software i had them on,therefore I need to update this.