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December 2016

Black Friday Article

Black Friday is the time of year just before christmas where shopaholics go crazy for a bargain.



Specialist Study Proposal 12.1.1, 12.1.2


An in depth study on how the representation of gender in the media has an impact on women



In order to research in depth how the representation of gender affects women, I will be constantly asking myself questions so that I am able to cover all the areas to do with this issue such as; Why is the representation of women an issue? What affects does it have? How does it influence people to react to the media? and How does it influence women to act as a person in terms of self confidence etc.? I will be answering these questions conducting primary, secondary, academic and cultural research. My hypothesis is that most media sources portray women in an unrealistic light which causes women and especially young girls to want to become this unrealistic image, which is not possible. This will help me when writing my essay which is about how the media portrays women.


I intend to carry all this research out via books, the internet, documentaries, newspapers and people. I feel this will hep me develop as a journalist because learning the issues of how women are feeling in responsibility of the media, I will be able to understand the do’s and don’ts when covering anything to do in this area in the future. For my final major project, I will be creating an online magazine on lifestyle. This research will help me with this because my online magazine is about lifestyle, and this will involve a lot of health and beauty articles in which women are particularly featured in unrealistically. Therefore, knowing the issues with the representation of women will help me portray them in a more positive light based on the issues that have been raised in this area.


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