Dear Sir or Madam

I am sending my CV and cover letter in regard to the position Studio photographer advertised on the Indeed website. Having read the job description, I would like to apply for this position.

As I have mentioned on my CV, I have also had experience in working as a photographer for clients at parties and other events. My most recent one being a farm festival where my photographs are currently being displayed as part as a promotional slideshow for a store that is on the farm in which the event took place. This has given me much more confidence and experience in the photography area.

In college, I have gained many skills that I am able to contribute to this job. I have had the opportunity to work in professional photography studio, where I have experimented with lighting, backdrops and different camera angles. This has given me the confidence I need to become a more experienced photographer to be able to produce photos to the best of my ability. I have also had the chance to be able to work on my Photoshop skills throughout my first year at college and therefore am able to to edit photographs in an advanced and professional way. The Creative Media course that I am currently attending also requires creativity which I have hugely contributed within the first year so far by creating and designing magazine spreads and front covers, web design and planning, producing and editing photos..

I worked as a Christmas Temp at Morrisons between the dates of October 2015 to December 2015. After this they were able to offer me a permanent position in the customer café. During my period of working here, I learnt that giving excellent customer service will get you a long way. I also learnt that I really enjoy working with the general public and it correspondingly built my confidence since leaving school. I have a natural helpful personality and take great pride in assisting customers in whatever way I can to fulfill their needs and for these reasons would very much like to work for your team.

I feel this position could help build my skills and knowledge even further, and I also feel like I could offer great customer service and the skills that I have learnt during my previous position.

Yours Faithfully

Miya Biggin