A webzine has many influences and consequences on its target audience. One of them is that the audience feels closer to the creator of the webzine and its content as they can access it wherever and wherever, whether its in their house or across seas. When the producer has any kind of content that the audience would be interested in, it immediately gets uploaded online to webzines and social media, this impacts the audience really quickly and efficiently.

From researching about a webzine, I have learnt that the small details thing matter such as the logo, favicon, the navigation etc.  All these small factors make a webzine more interactive and fun for the user. Many people use webzines a lot more than print magazines now because its cheaper, eco friendly and many other factors, so making it look as good as a magazine is important. From looking a the stats of the age range of people who use webzines rather than magazines, I have noticed that the more younger generation tend to use webzines more, therefore when creating my webzine I will ensure to make it so that it appeals to a younger target audience.

From researching the cons of webzines, some people find them fairly confusing to use. It also mentioned that some people may find it harder to read. From this information I will ensure that my webzine is clear and not too crowded in terms of pictures and text everywhere. I will make it easy to navigate so that people can make their way around the webzine easily and efficiently.

When creating the logo for my webzine, I will make it clear and simple yet effective. When researching other webzines logos such as Zoella, I have noticed that it includes the name of the website with the first letter taking up most of the room. This then creates an image that everyone remembers and associates with the webzine. e.g. in the Zoella logo the ‘Z’ is really big compared to the rest of the therefore this is the most rememberable part of the logo. This also tends to be the favicon icon, so when creating my logo I will include the first letter to be larger than the rest.

From looking at the features of a webzine theme that you can purchase, it has a Responsive & Retina Ready Design, Fully Customizable via WordPress Customizer etc. These features contribute to what makes the webzine more interactive and easy to use, therefore when I create my website I will ensure that it includes these features.