From letting my focus group read some of my articles and look at some of the content that I have produced, I conducted 3 questions to get some feedback on my content.

The first question that i asked my focus group was “what dd you like about the types of topics that i have written about?’. From asking this question, the feedback I revived from all of my focus group was that it was easy to read and follow, it targets a variety of age ranges within the target audience range (16-24 year olds). Some people also said that they liked that i had some seasonal topics within the content.

The next question I asked was ‘Did you think that the topics related to the target audience of 16-24 year olds?’ and ‘Why?’. All of y target audience said ‘yes’. People said that his is because all the topics are rally relevant (or were relevant at the time), and are current news. They also said that they were informative (especially the one about road safety because a lot of people i this age range are passing their driving tests).

Finally, the last question i asked was ‘If my article were in a magazines would you read them?’-again, everyone said ‘yes’. The reason for this is because they said that they stand out and are fun articles to read. Some people also said that they found them informative, factual and relatable.