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March 2017

Great British Bake Off Article

The Great British Bake Off is an admired show that lots of people watch in the UK, but what does it lead to next?

Howard Middleton, from Sheffield, was an ex-contestant who came in 7th place of The Great British Bake (GBBO) off in 2013. The 55-year-old from Sheffield says he now attends food festivals and shows regularly and also has his own book.

He said: “I’ve been very lucky that GBBO has led to some amazing opportunities. My book ‘Delicious Gluten-Free Baking’ was published last year.

“I also teach baking classes and continue to develop new recipes and write about food.

“Not surprisingly, I’m also asked to talk about my time on GBBO and since, and I’ve judged countless charity bake offs!”

The show has previously announced that it is moving from the BBC to Channel 4. Mary Berry, Mel Giedroyc and Sue Perkins have decided that they will no longer be part of the show

4 bought GBBO for £75m and labelled the most disastrous deal in television history.

“I’m hopeful that the move to Channel 4 will keep so many of the things that people love about Bake Off but also bring something fresh to the programme too.

It has now been announced that comedian, Noel Fielding, most known for playing Old Greg in The Mighty Boosh, and Sandi Toksvig, host for the panel show Stalwart and QI will replace Mel Giedroyc and Sue Perkins.

It has also been rumoured that Prue Leith, cookery writer and novelist, will be joining Paul Hollywood, who is the only original member of the show to move to Channel 4 and star in the eighth season.

“Mel and Sue showed great empathy with the bakers and have a wonderful sense of humour. The most important test for Sandi and Noel will be to create a bond with the bakers and put them at ease, added Howard

“I think that they have the potential to be an inspired choice – fresh, quirky and unpredictable.”

Howard also says that he is a huge fan of Prue Leith and hopes that she’ll bring a fresh perspective to the show.

“The show will never be the same again, but frankly it never is.

Candice Brown was the winner of the show last year and it’s rumoured that she may be launching her own lip brand after fans went crazy about her signature lipstick during the programme.



The biggest craze in the makeup world at the minute is strobing.

There are many trends that were in fashion back in the ’90s and have now come back in fashion such as metallic eye shadow, nude lipstick and drawn on eyebrows.

Strobing is where you use a highlighter in certain parts of your face to give you a shimmering glow.

Molly Iles (21), a free-lance make-up artist based in Barnsley, said: “I love strobing, especially if you’re going for a more natural look. You can make the skin stand out without looking too much.

“When you contour it suits a more dramatic look. I do it on clients especially when they want a sun kissed glowing look. A lot of people like highlighting and contouring together because a lot of my clients do like a more dramatic look.”

It also enhances and lifts parts of your face in order to reshape or define areas that you’d like.

Unlike contouring, strobing gives you a dewier look and there is always danger that you can end up looking sweaty instead of dewy if it’s not done right; therefore, when buying a highlighter, make sure it’s right for your skin tone-

If you have fair skin use more champagne pigmented tones, light/medium use pink champagne, if you have an olive skin type then use golden colours and finally, for dark skin use terracotta shades.

“I like to use a liquid illuminator under the foundation, then a powder highlighter to highlight the places I want to stand out and naturally catch the light,” said Molly.

Strobing can have all sorts of positive effects, it can;

  • Brighten your eyes
  • Sculpt your eyes
  • Enhance your cheek bones
  • Emphasize your pout


Although strobing is hugely popular at the moment, because it involves overly highlighting your face, some people are not hugely keen on it.

Georgia Taylor (19) a free-lance make-up artist in Sheffield, said: “I personally don’t like to use contour, especially cream contour, as I find it unnatural looking and cakey on the skin. I prefer to use bronzers for a more natural look and healthy glow and lots of highlight.

“I do like the skin to look defined and do like an overly highlighted look but I think it’s personal preference and it helps to use fixing sprays at the end like Max Fix+ to help against the skin looking too powdery.”


Vyn Johns


Increased demand for vintage clothing means people are paying higher prices for them.

Many people are making money through this up and coming craze through online selling websites such as Depop. Young people can purchase vintage looking clothing from places such as charity shops or car boot sales and are selling them at much higher prices just by claiming them as vintage.

Vyn Johns is a studio that designs and creates people’s desired vintage wedding dresses.

People come from all over the UK to Sheffield just to get Vyn Johns to design their wedding dress.

Ronaldo Robinson (49), designer at Vyn Johns, said: “The word might change to describe vintage but it will always be a reflection of an older look. “For Vyn Johns, we class vintage as 1920s to 70s, but people always have different interpretations.

“When we talk of ‘antique’ lace we cannot dismiss the prevalent ‘vintage’ trend, which I believe is in part due to our desire for nostalgia – as often during times of austerity we seek comfort in the thing we know: the past. “Especially when there is uncertainty in the present and a fear of the future.”

Many people who are into vintage fashion- or even just anything vintage- attend vintage markets and fairs.

Katie Hetherington (22( from Bolton says: “I love the look of vintage and old style items such as typewriters and cameras, I think that mainly stems from being a writer really. Clothing wise I like the classy style, I think it looks good and I’m quite unique with how I dress and vintage clothing is limited so I don’t have people dressing in the same clothes.

“I got into vintage after finding the clothing in the shops didn’t suit or fit, clothing sizes are different in different clothing. Right now I’m a size 8/10 and find in H&M I fit a size 14, in Primark a size 8 and in New Look a 10. Back in the good old days sizes in ever shop were the same.”

She also says that by wearing vintage shes not comorted into societies look and she can wear something different from everyone else.

“Over the years I’ve found vintage shops via Facebook, Google and on street flyers. But its not just vintage shops that I solely look for, charity shops are just as fruitful and normally half price which is great because clothing in vintage shops was once owned by someone else so its the same principle but without the price tag.

“I do prefer to shop at charity shops because quite a lot of people don’t know the value of vintage clothing and do sell it really cheap. Usually I wouldn’t spend more than £25 on one item of clothing and much less for t-shirts unless its an authentic band t-shirt and a band I actually listen to.”

Screen Shot 2017-03-21 at 13.28.08.png


Production Diary


Today I have been briefed on what I need to do for the Final Major Project and I have thought of some ideas of the type of content I will be writing. I have also written the proposal for my project. I did this so that I could have my overall plan for my website and content, which I can always look back on to keep myself on the right tracks. I found writing the action plan fairly easy because I already knew that I wanted to do my website on lifestyle, therefore I just needed to put it down into words what my overall plan was. The only thing I found difficult was writing about the exact content I will be writing about because I am not entirely sure what I will be specifically writing about yet, but I did note down the ideas that I do have. However, I did face the difficulty of managing to get my points across very little words, but I overcame this by taking away the parts that were not necessary. I now need to move onto my research in order to get more perspective for what stories/content I will be writing about.


I went to conduct an interview with a vintage wedding dress maker. My plans were to video the interview and make a media package. When I got there, I asked the interviewee if it was okay to video him. Unfortunately, he said he wasn’t comfortable with being on camera. This was a problem for me as I had gone there to with the idea of making a media package. To solve this problem, I had to adapt to the situation and conduct the interview by writing down what his answers. He said it was okay for me to identify him in the piece, he just didn’t like being on camera.  However, I could have saved a lot of time by asking the interviewee if he was okay with me recording him beforehand so that I could have been more organized. I now need to write my article and include the information and quotes that he has given me.


I have done some secondary research so that know the importance of multi media as I will be demonstrating this in my portfolio of work…

What is a multi media journalist?

Multi Media Journalism is the process of combining text, images, sound, videos and graphics, to tell an interesting story. Multimedia journalists often work for newspapers, radio or television stations or use computers in social media areas.

It can be one multi-skilled reporter telling a story for TV, radio and online or it can mean running a newsroom where journalists working in different media collaborate.

Here are some typical examples of where multimedia can bring an extra dimension to a story:

  • Case studies: video or audio interviews with someone at the heart of the story: affected by the issue or working at the coalface
  • Reaction: video or audio interview with the person responsible: capturing their attempts to explain their role
  • Clarity: charts, maps or infographic turning data into something that users can understand more quickly. Tools useful here include Google Charts and Gadgets (in Google Docs), Many Eyes and Tableau for charts; Tagxedo, Wordle or Many Eyes for word clouds; Google Maps and BatchGeo for maps; and for infographics.
  • Explanation: taking something complex and making it accessible to a wider audience – this might be done through a graphic, or through a video or audio interview with an expert who can explain it clearly – including a member of the team
  • Conflict and chemistry: staging a podcast discussion to flesh out the key themes in the issue being explored. This can be done in an entertaining way if your presenters have chemistry, or it can be done in an engaging way if you have two camps in conflict (make sure you can add clarity and expertise into the noise)
  • Interactivity: producing something that users can interact with. Freedive is a useful tool for doing this with spreadsheets. There are also timeline tools like Dipity and Meograph, and charts and maps can be interactive too.
  • Curation: bringing together multimedia content by users in a way that adds value

“Journalism is undergoing radical change” according to Bull (2010). He explains that the BBC’s director of news and current affairs, James Harding, talks about a fourth revolution in journalism:

“First there was print, and then came the first three revolutions:

  • Radio
  • Television
  • Online

The forth revolution, which is taking place right now, is being caused by mobile technology”

Bull is explaining that that the media is constantly moving forward and expanding  which is why journalists now need to be multi skilled in order to forfeit all of these roles.


On this day I have begun to write my article about vintage fashion. I was struggling slightly to write a piece because I couldn’t think of an angle to base it upon without making it into a blog or review. However, after doing some research on other vintage fashion articles I was able to capture an angle to base it upon. The angle was about how vintage is coming back into fashion and young people are now using this to their advantage by selling cheap clothes online at more expensive prices. It was important to think of this angle because if I was just writing about Vyn Johns then it would be more of a blog or review. The reason I didn’t think  of this before is because I didn’t sdo enough research into vintage fashion, but now that I have done some research I feel more educated about the topic and feel more confident writing about it.  I now need to move onto my next article by planning what I will be writing about and sorting out an interview to go with it.


Today I have conducted an interview with a make-up artist from Sheffield. I have done this so that I can source my make-up statistic article. I am going to do an info graph for this article by finding out the statistics of what the most popular make-up brands are in the UK. I now need to star writing my article and creating the info graph for it. I have also spoken to my tutor in regards of where I am at in terms of the articles I have written. We talked about how I could interview another person for my vintage fashion article. I could interview a customer from Vyn Johns, or someone who has had a vintage wedding or even someone who’s is just a fan of vintage fashion.


TodayIMG_9183 (2).jpg I have begun to research some websites that I like the look of so that I can get some ideas for the one
I am going to create. I have been looking at theme, loos, favicon and the overall layout of the websites. The reason that I have done this is so that it makes it easer for me to design mine when it comes to it because I will know what sort of designs I like. I have also created a sketch of what I will want my homepage to look like so that I can have a rough idea of what my website will look like when I design it. This will be helpful for my FMP because when it comes to creating the actual website, I will have a visual plan to work to and to keep me on track. I now need to start putting together a digital design to test whether it would look and workday on a screen.

Website Design Research

Screen Shot 2017-03-21 at 11.27.28.png

I really the design of the Cosmopolitan website because its really clear and easy to navigate yourself around. I also like the layout of the design because everything is placed in a way in which it doesn’t look too over crowded yet it doesn’t look empty either. The navigation bar is at the top which is a typical convention of a website so that it makes it easy to make your way around the website. I like that the website has social interaction so that the audience can get involved and follow them on twitter e.t.c.

Screen Shot 2017-03-21 at 11.43.37.png

I also like that the website has a more in depth side bar  when you click on the icon on the navigation bar. I also like that it has a search bar because it makes it easier to navigate your way around the website by typing in key words I would like my website to be in the same layout and design as Cosmopolitan because this has a similar target audience and is very popular. I also like the content that they writ about because its very relevant t the target audience.

Screen Shot 2017-03-21 at 13.07.24

I really like Zoellas logo because its very plain and simple yet effective. The ‘Z’ in this logo is the biggest part of the logo and therefore is the most rememberable part. Therefore this is going to be the icon for the favicon. It also has a unique font which is going to be associated with this specific website.


On this day I have begun to write another article about Strobing. I also conducted two interviews for this via social media with two make-up artists on how they felt about strobing and whether they use it on their clients etc. I asked them if it was okay for me to identify them in my article and they both said it was okay. I feel like I some really relevant information to source my article with because these are professionals on the matter and I have collected some really useful information for the reader.  After writing it up and having it looked over my one of my tutors I was told that it seemed more like a blog. To improve I was to move some paragraphs around and put the interview more near to the top and go from the angle of what the make-up artist had said which was that strobing is a big thing in the make-up world at the minute. After rearranging things, my piece was more of an article than a blog. I now need to go through it again to see if I can improve it even more. I have also conduced another interview today for my vintage fashion article. I felt that it needed something else to it to support my angle of younger people being into vintage fashion, therefore I interviewed a 22 year old who is really into vintage fashion. The information she gave me supports my article really well because it linked into when I talk about young people now being into vintage fashion. Because she gave me a lot of information, I found it hard to pick out key quotes that I needed to go into my article because if I would have put it all in it would have been too long. However, I managed to pick out the things that I thought were most relevant to the article. I now need to plan my next article for my FMP to build up my creative content.


Primary Reasearch

To make sure I am on the right track for my FMP, I have decided to do some primary research to make sure my articles are up to the right standards. To do this, I created a survey on Survey Monkey and collected a focus group to read a snippet of my articles that I have produced so far..


These were the results..












From looking at the results of my research, it seems that my articles are fairly successful. Many people said that my articles related to the target audience and that they were interesting. I will take this date in mind when writing the rest of my articles so that I can stay on track.


In todays lessons, I have produced an action plan for my FMP so that I can have a plan for the weeks of my FMP. This will help me along with my project because it will keep me on track with the articles that I am going to write and the structure of how I am going to do things. Today, I have also thought of another idea for an article. I have decided to do an article on The Great British Bake Off and what new people are going to be in it on the next season. I have email an ex contestant of the show (Howard Middleton) to find out his thoughts on the matter and am now waiting for a response. I have also conducted some primary research to make sure I am on the right track. I have created a survey on Survey Monkey and collected a focus group to answer the questions asking if my articles related to the target audience. The feedback I got was really encouraging because most people said that they found the articles interesting to read and did relate to the target audience of 16-25. This is helpful for my production because I now know that I am on the right tracks for my FMP and that the articles I am writing are informative. I now need to begin to write my article for The Great British Bake Off article.


I have interviewed someone from Beanies Whole Foods today for an article that I am writing about nutrition. Its about organic foods and how eating them can benefit you. I think the interview went well because I planned it in advance by emailing when the best time to come and emailing him the the of questions I would be asking him so he had some time to think of the answers. I did a voice recording of his answers so it was easier to take note of what he was saying. I now need to write my article and include this interview.


Today I have decided to make my article about organic food into a media package. This is because I have got a voice recording of the interview and lots of pictures to go with it. I have started this on iMovie. I feel this is going well because it fits well for the target audience and Screen Shot 2017-05-10 at 13.53.03
it will be a good article to visualise because of all the colourful pictures of the fruit and veg. While creating my media pack
age, there are many things that I need to take into consideration, such as the type of music to use in the background, where to place certain Screen Shot 2017-05-10 at 13.53.21pictures and audio, the type of transitions in-between clips. I have based my decisions on these particular things by taking into consideration the theme of the article and the way I want it to be presented. For example, when deciding
which transition to use, I decided to use the transition ‘cross blur’, as I think this is the most professional looking format to use. I have also selected the background music carefully and decided to go with a tune called ‘modern’, because its a nice and calm tune which goes well with the video. I now need to finish this video by adding the final twinges to it and then I then need to write up a small article to go with it.


In todays lesson, I have completed my media package video and my article. After watching the video through, I notice that I had included irrelevant information and the whole story seemed slightly random because I originally wanted to do the article on how to eat healthy while still going out and partying, but after interviewing I had asked questions that had a slightly different spin on it, I had to overcome this problem by adapting to the information that I had from the interview. From this, I decided to make it about how you still eat what you want while being healthy, because i thought that this might grab the readers attention.


On this day I have begun to design my website. After researching websites in the previous units I know what sort of design I wanted to go with- I want to make it look really modern and clear. I also want to make it look really professional and easy to navigate. I begun by thinking of a name go my website. To do this, I thought of some sample names such as ‘today’, ‘#lifestyle’ and ‘#whatshappening’. After asking around some 16-25 year olds which one they preferred, #whatshappening was the most popular which is why I decided to go with that. After this, I begun to choose a theme for my website, I wanted my website to be full of images because pictures tend to be intrigue people more. Therefore, I chose a theme that looked like a grid of images. My website is now ready for my articles to be uploaded. I now just need to finish and perfect my articles so that I can upload them onto my website.


In todays class, I have grouped some images together from the Tour de Yorkshire to form a photojournalistic slide show. I have decided to do this slide show on the Tour de Yorkshire because I thought it would be a great opportunity to capture some photos of the atmosphere of the event because it was such a big event that many people attended to. On the day, I took over 40 images and have narrowed it down to around 20. I did this based on the quality of the photo, the content, and other professional interpretations such as the rule of thirds, aperture etc- all the skills that I have learned in previous units. After I had chosen all of my photos for the slideshow, I decided to write a photojournalist piece on one of my images from the slideshow. I hadn’t had much experience in writing photojournalist pieces, therefore I asked my teacher for some advice on how to write it. She said to write it in present tense like you are describing the image I have chosen, after this I wrote my article. I now need to do another media package to go in my portfolio, which I am going to write about how young people don’t know much about road safety and car maintenance.


Today I have interviewed someone for my car maintenance media package. I interviewed someone who has newly passed their driving test so it relates to the information and statistics that I found ( I also asked questions based on the information I had while interviewing. I then put all of the clips and images together to create a media package by writing a piece of writing to go with it. After writing it, I asked my tutor for some advice on what I had produced, and she said it felt like I was repeating myself in my article from my video, therefore I re-looked at the piece that I had written and edited so it didn’t seem as though I was repeating myself. I am now going to think and plan another article to add to my portfolio.


Today I have thought of another idea for an article piece. I am going to write and article about the general election. I came up with his idea by researching on the news for inspiration. I think that this would be a good idea to write about because a news article said that there are many new young voters ( And since my target audience is 16-25 year olds, this would be a good article to aim at them because it involves this age range. I have begun this article by finding some statistics online of people who are registered to vote etc. I have also interviewed some new voters to support my article by asking who they are voting for and why. I also think this article will be a good way to raise awareness in the importance to vote and give people some insight of who to vote for. While writing this article, I was struggling to think of what image I could take to go with the article, however after asking a few people in my target audience age range, someone gave me the idea to take a picture of a poll card. I decided to use this idea because its really relevant for the article and its also what my target audience thought was a good idea. When finishing this piece, I realised my word count wasn’t around the 500 word mark, however, since this piece is not a feature and more of a news article, therefore the length reflects a professional news print product word count. I have also managed to conduct an interview today with a  newly passed driver so that I can produce my media package on road safety. I have taken relevant images to go with the media package and asked the questions I needed to ask in order to find out how much the young driver knows in order to support the news article that I have previously read about how young people not knowing about road maintenance and safety. I have all the things I need to produce this media package, I now just need to put it all together and write up the text for the final package.


On the day I went to a charity guide dog event which I am going to produce a media package on. I have decided to do this because I think that this would be a great piece to raise awareness on. When I got there, I formally introduced myself to some guide dog owners and made sure I had their permission to video them and their dogs to use. Following this, I asked for their name, age and where they are from so that I could fully identify them when involving them in my piece. I also chose to interview the event organiser because I thought it would be important to include some information on why the event was organised etc. To make sure I got the most out of the event, I made sure I collected more than enough information by covering as much as I could in terms of the questions I asked. The reason for this being in the past (e.g. in my Beanies Wholefoods media package), I collected the information I only thought I needed at the time, but when it came to producing my video, it turned out that further information would have been useful. Therefore I prepared as many questions as I could think of prior to the interviews, predicting what they might say so that I could ask questions on top of their answers. When collecting all of the footage and images I needed, I begun to put my video together. Following up the last two media packages that I have produced in the past, I took into consideration the problems I faced while producing them and thought of ways I could avoid them such as; Before exporting the video, watch it all through thoroughly to make sure everything is spelt correctly and put together right, so that I didn’t waste any time by exporting it first and then realising the mistakes after like I have done in the past. After putting it together and making sure everything was okay, I wrote a small written piece to go with it. I also avoided mistakes I have previously made by not repeating myself in the written piece from the video.


Now that I have finished all of my articles, I have now uploaded them all onto my website and added an image so that they all look more visual and intriguing. Now that I have done this, I need to gather some feedback on my website to make sure it appeals to 16-25 year olds and looks professional and is easy to navigate etc. To do this, I have created a survey which I have put on social media so that people who are 16-25 year olds can complete it to give me feedback on the finished product. After leaving this on for a few days, I have got some feedback..

Screen Shot 2017-05-24 at 13.03.01.png


My first question was ‘which article stands out to you the most’. The one that got the most statistics was the ‘Strobing’ article. I think this is because a lot of young girls/ladies look online for make-up tips and trends, therefore these kind of articles usually attract more females.







Screen Shot 2017-05-24 at 13.03.39.png


Next, was ‘Which article most appeals to 16-25 year olds’? The one that got the most votes in this question was the ‘Who’s Voting’ article. Many people who chose this option also commented that the reason was because it was ‘specifically about 16-25 year olds’. I expected this to be the result because the general election is very topical at the minute and many new voters are wanting information on this matter. It also involves various interviews with 16-25 year olds, therefore its sure to relate to this age range.







I then asked these questions:


-Did you find it easy to navigate your way around the website?

-Do you like the way the articles are displayed on the homepage?

-Do you think the articles are written well?

-Do you think the pictures are relevant to the articles?


All the people who took the survey responded ‘Yes’ to all of these questions. This means that my website looks professional and easy to use, and the content is also professional. People commented on how the articles are very easy to read which is why I wanted to achieve because this means they are relevant to 16-25 year olds. Someone also mentioned that its easy to navigate because it adapts well on a mobile device which means its compatible with desktops, mobiles and tablets etc. I also got some constructive criticism by somebody who mentioned that they would prefer it if the navigation bar was at the top of the page rather then being at the side and having to click into it.


Screen Shot 2017-05-24 at 13.04.46


After that, I asked which article people least liked. To which the 2 that were most chosen were ‘Tour de Yorkshire’ and ‘Strobing’. From analysing a question that I asked last on the survey, the reason for the high vote on the ‘Strobing’ article may be due to the fact that some males took the survey, and therefore not many men are interested in make-up.









Finally, I asked two personal questions:

-How old are you?

-What gender are you?

I asked these just to get an idea of what sort of people were taking my survey so that when it came to analysing the results, I could see how many males and females took my survey and how old they are.



Overall, throughout all of my production, I feel like the planning for my website was well structured because I planned ahead of what I was going to be producing e.g. when it came to doing an article, I would make sure I was able to access all of the records and information I needed to produce that article. I demonstrated problem solving in this area because there were times where I had planned things such as the purpose of one of my articles, and therefore I had to scrap it, but in the end I learnt from this mistake.

I also think that throughout this whole project I was constant researching where its to do with a new article, or where to find someone to interview, where to take pictures etc. I think this is important because without researching I wouldn’t have been able to produce the articles to there full potential, and I also would have been able to sort out any legal and ethical issues such as copyright.

I think my website appeals to the target audience (16-25 year olds) because it has been written in a way that all young people will be able to understand and its about particular topics that will interest this target audience. Its also of publishable quality because there are no grammatical errors in my pieces, and therefore tis makes it professional and eligible. From doing the survey, everyone said that it was easy to navigate which also proves that the quality of my final website is up to standards. If I was to improve my overall website, I would change a few things around such as the navigation bar so that it is more easy to locate. I would also create a logo for my website in order to make it more visually appealing and give it more of an identity.


  • Katie Hetherington –
  • Ronaldo Robinson- 07710 251 436 / 0114 266 9657
  • Howard Middleton-
  • Molly Iles-
  • Georgia Taylor- 07388 923797
  • Chris Baldwin- (0114) 268 1662
  • Reece Payling-07455899567
  • Eve Bestford-
  • Megan Wallace-
  • Martin
  • Megan Smith-
  • Josh



Proposal (13.1.1, 13.1.2, 13.4.1)

The Sheffield College
Miya Biggin
Journalism and social media communication



I am going to produce a lifestyle themed website which will include media packages, photojournalism, podcasts and news articles using various topics that will relate to the target audience of 16-25 year olds. I will do this by using the skills that I have built up in the previous 12 units, these include; time management, using thisistap, implementing wordpress, using Photoshop, photography skills such as ISO, depth of field and aperture. I have also learnt how to professionally conduct an interview, and how to video, edit and produce audio and voice recordings. The main skill I have learnt throughout these units is how to write journalistic content in multiple formats and meeting deadlines on time. I chose the journalism pathway because I enjoy writing about various topics to entertain/inform others. My Unit 12 specialist study ( highlighted the issue of mainstream media’s unrealistic portrayal of women and its negative impact on women. My audience is primarily female and therefore I will not be portraying them in this way, for example when taking pictures for my article on Strobing which is all about make-up on women, I will make sure I will use natural lighting and not Photoshop them to make them look unnatural.

Project Concept

My aims and concepts for my FMP is to produce a portfolio of content and upload this to a presentation website which will function as a digital portfolio. I have had practice doing this in the previous unit 9 (, here I built the appropriate skills and gave me this idea for my FMP. Some content that I will be writing will be things such as; vintage fashion, make-up and health. This was inspired by some pieces of writing I did in unit 10 when I did research on lifestyle, followed by blog posts and articles about lifestyle ( Some of the resources that I will be using to produce content will be cameras, zoom mics, video cameras and computers to edit audio. I have decided to use WordPress to produce my website on because I am familiar with the site from using it throughout the year so far, and I have learnt the knowledge and skills I need to create a professional looking site. I also think its a very sufficient way to present my work. I have evaluated the pros of using WordPress in Unit 9 ( I will meet my deadlines by making sure  I leave plenty of time to produce my content. I will be sourcing stories and finding out information via social media, newspapers, websites and blogs.


In order to keep track of what I have done (and why) for the whole of this project, I am going to be keeping a production diary that reflects of everything that I have produced throughout the whole of the project. Each time I complete, edit or improve anything within my work, I will be explaining what i have done, why and any problems I faced. This is important because it gives me a full understanding of what I have done and why, so that when it comes to creating the website that my content will be showcased in, I will know exactly whats been done, what hasn’t and what needs to be done. I will be organising this creating an action plan of the dates of which things need to be completed by in order to meet deadlines, and dating each production diary entry I make.

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