The Sheffield College
Miya Biggin
Journalism and social media communication



I am going to produce a lifestyle themed website which will include media packages, photojournalism, podcasts and news articles using various topics that will relate to the target audience of 16-25 year olds. I will do this by using the skills that I have built up in the previous 12 units, these include; time management, using thisistap, implementing wordpress, using Photoshop, photography skills such as ISO, depth of field and aperture. I have also learnt how to professionally conduct an interview, and how to video, edit and produce audio and voice recordings. The main skill I have learnt throughout these units is how to write journalistic content in multiple formats and meeting deadlines on time. I chose the journalism pathway because I enjoy writing about various topics to entertain/inform others. My Unit 12 specialist study ( highlighted the issue of mainstream media’s unrealistic portrayal of women and its negative impact on women. My audience is primarily female and therefore I will not be portraying them in this way, for example when taking pictures for my article on Strobing which is all about make-up on women, I will make sure I will use natural lighting and not Photoshop them to make them look unnatural.

Project Concept

My aims and concepts for my FMP is to produce a portfolio of content and upload this to a presentation website which will function as a digital portfolio. I have had practice doing this in the previous unit 9 (, here I built the appropriate skills and gave me this idea for my FMP. Some content that I will be writing will be things such as; vintage fashion, make-up and health. This was inspired by some pieces of writing I did in unit 10 when I did research on lifestyle, followed by blog posts and articles about lifestyle ( Some of the resources that I will be using to produce content will be cameras, zoom mics, video cameras and computers to edit audio. I have decided to use WordPress to produce my website on because I am familiar with the site from using it throughout the year so far, and I have learnt the knowledge and skills I need to create a professional looking site. I also think its a very sufficient way to present my work. I have evaluated the pros of using WordPress in Unit 9 ( I will meet my deadlines by making sure  I leave plenty of time to produce my content. I will be sourcing stories and finding out information via social media, newspapers, websites and blogs.


In order to keep track of what I have done (and why) for the whole of this project, I am going to be keeping a production diary that reflects of everything that I have produced throughout the whole of the project. Each time I complete, edit or improve anything within my work, I will be explaining what i have done, why and any problems I faced. This is important because it gives me a full understanding of what I have done and why, so that when it comes to creating the website that my content will be showcased in, I will know exactly whats been done, what hasn’t and what needs to be done. I will be organising this creating an action plan of the dates of which things need to be completed by in order to meet deadlines, and dating each production diary entry I make.

Action Plan