The biggest craze in the makeup world at the minute is strobing.

There are many trends that were in fashion back in the ’90s and have now come back in fashion such as metallic eye shadow, nude lipstick and drawn on eyebrows.

Strobing is where you use a highlighter in certain parts of your face to give you a shimmering glow.

Molly Iles (21), a free-lance make-up artist based in Barnsley, said: “I love strobing, especially if you’re going for a more natural look. You can make the skin stand out without looking too much.

“When you contour it suits a more dramatic look. I do it on clients especially when they want a sun kissed glowing look. A lot of people like highlighting and contouring together because a lot of my clients do like a more dramatic look.”

It also enhances and lifts parts of your face in order to reshape or define areas that you’d like.

Unlike contouring, strobing gives you a dewier look and there is always danger that you can end up looking sweaty instead of dewy if it’s not done right; therefore, when buying a highlighter, make sure it’s right for your skin tone-

If you have fair skin use more champagne pigmented tones, light/medium use pink champagne, if you have an olive skin type then use golden colours and finally, for dark skin use terracotta shades.

“I like to use a liquid illuminator under the foundation, then a powder highlighter to highlight the places I want to stand out and naturally catch the light,” said Molly.

Strobing can have all sorts of positive effects, it can;

  • Brighten your eyes
  • Sculpt your eyes
  • Enhance your cheek bones
  • Emphasize your pout


Although strobing is hugely popular at the moment, because it involves overly highlighting your face, some people are not hugely keen on it.

Georgia Taylor (19) a free-lance make-up artist in Sheffield, said: “I personally don’t like to use contour, especially cream contour, as I find it unnatural looking and cakey on the skin. I prefer to use bronzers for a more natural look and healthy glow and lots of highlight.

“I do like the skin to look defined and do like an overly highlighted look but I think it’s personal preference and it helps to use fixing sprays at the end like Max Fix+ to help against the skin looking too powdery.”