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Unit 10

Focus Group Report

From letting my focus group read some of my articles and look at some of the content that I have produced, I conducted 3 questions to get some feedback on my content.

The first question that i asked my focus group was “what dd you like about the types of topics that i have written about?’. From asking this question, the feedback I revived from all of my focus group was that it was easy to read and follow, it targets a variety of age ranges within the target audience range (16-24 year olds). Some people also said that they liked that i had some seasonal topics within the content.

The next question I asked was ‘Did you think that the topics related to the target audience of 16-24 year olds?’ and ‘Why?’. All of y target audience said ‘yes’. People said that his is because all the topics are rally relevant (or were relevant at the time), and are current news. They also said that they were informative (especially the one about road safety because a lot of people i this age range are passing their driving tests).

Finally, the last question i asked was ‘If my article were in a magazines would you read them?’-again, everyone said ‘yes’. The reason for this is because they said that they stand out and are fun articles to read. Some people also said that they found them informative, factual and relatable.


Unit 10- Evaluation

In this report, I am going to evaluate the copy that I have produced. I have produced news stories, photojournalism, media packages, a blog and a review. I will explain how I sourced my stories and why they were relevant to the stories. I will also describe how and why I chose to write the stories that I did and also about ethical standards etc.

As a journalist, you have to be able to write in different types of ways, adapting to different surroundings; news, features, photojournalism and online. For news, depending on what you’re writing about, you have to be formal in the way that you use language. You also write using correct dialect and don’t use any slang. In features/blogs, you can write more like how you speak, using slang and words that you would use if you were talking to a friend. When writing a photojournalist piece, you write as though you are describing what’s in the image. I adapting to all these diverse ways of writing when I wrote my pieces.

The sources I used while producing my copy depended on which pieces I wrote. For my cyclist article that I produced, I used my dad as a source because the article was about him doing a charity bike ride. I also used the internet to find out more information about the event to include in my article; this is the website I used:

For the Kylie Cosmetics article that I produced, my main source was Kylie Jenner’s social media. I got the idea from her Instagram page, as she was consistently posting about her makeup brand and I knew that it was a big topic that everyone knew about. Therefore, I used the opportunity to write this article because I knew that it would appeal to my target audience (16-24 year olds).

I also did an article on Bonfire night. I got this idea because it was that time of year and also got inspired by the RSPCA website, as they were talking about how to keep pets safe on bonfire night. This is website I used: I thought that this would appeal to my target audience because young people are very involved in fireworks when it comes to that time of year, consequently I thought that this article could be quite educational and helpful to them.

I did an article about how the Great British Bake Off was moving to Channel 4. This was a big subject at the time that I wrote this and therefore was very relevant to my target audience. I used social media as my source (mainly Twitter) and even got in touch with an ex contestant through Twitter and he was able to tell me his thoughts on the matter. I also used the news for more information on the matter:

When writing my pieces, I did hit an issue to do with ethical standards. When writing my Bonfire Night article, I wanted to use a quote from an RSPCA member of staff that I had seen online. However, I couldn’t use this quote because there would be a problem with copyright as the person whose quote it was didn’t agree to be features in my article. Yet I solved this issue by finding my own quote for the article.

When it comes to ethical standards, I also had to make sure I was professional when conducting interviews. I did this by being polite and friendly and also making sure I explained my questions to the subject in detail so they knew exactly what they were answering. I also had to make sure I met certain deadlines when writing my articles for The Star- especially with the seasonal ones such as Halloween and Bonfire Night, because after the day of the event, it would no longer be relevant.

I picked out key information to write my stories based on what I thought my target audience would most appreciate. For example, with the Bonfire Night article, I tried to base it around animals and how to keep them safe because I thought that this would get the reader’s attention more easily. I planned my stories my arrangement the structure of my stories and planning where and who I would get people quotes from.

I think that my articles have strengths and weaknesses. One for the strengths of my articles is that they have all been written in a professional way. I think that my best article is The Great British Bake off article because I conducted the interview professionally and also wrote it in a specialised way. One of my weaknesses while writing these articles is on my photojournalism piece. For this, I wrote small captions to go with the picture, however I now feel like I could have wrote a small article to do with bike riding trails in Derwent for this photojournalism piece.

I feel like my articles would be fit for publishing because I have written them in a professional way and made sure all the spelling and punctuation is correct.

If I was to go back and do anything different when it came to producing my work, I would have planned a little more before because when writing them, I felt like I didn’t have much of a point to my stories and then would have to backtrack to find a more valid point, which would save me a lot more time if I’d have done this before.

Black Friday Article

Black Friday is the time of year just before christmas where shopaholics go crazy for a bargain.


Carers video


Carers all around the UK from the NHS and even private companies are not treating people with the respect that they deserve.

There has been an recent incident in a care home in St Austell. The care home, Clinton House has been caught abusing their residents by drugging  dosing them with morphine to shut them up.

Residents at the care home on Truro Road were also left wearing nappies rather than carers taking them to the bathroom.

Disturbing footage of shocking levels of neglect at Clinton House was secretly recorded by BBC Panorama reporters and shown to the nation on the 21st November.

Maaike, a user of a private carer company in Sheffield said: “I’ve had many experiences in poor care. Most of the time its to do with the office because there is bad organisation, bad communication between the carers.”

Loren, a carer in Sheffield said: “You should treat your service users as though you were looking after own mum. Treat them with respect and dignity”.



Photojournalism- Sunrise

A beautiful pink sunrise in Sheffield showing a silhouette of bare tree branches in autumn time.

Photojournalism- Fireworks

A rocket firework bursting in the night sky on Bonfire night 2016 in Sheffield while families celebrate the occasion.

Photojournalism- Bikes

Two bikes lay against a wall in Derwent, Sheffield in autumn time after being ridden around the trail.

Christmas Collection Review

We Topshop fans are always eager to see the latest fashionable outfits in store, especially when it comes to the seasonal times of the year like Christmas.

I recently went into Topshop to have a look at these exciting items of clothing and was unsurprisingly satisfied with what the stuff they had this Christmas, I love them.

They have party wear for Christmas parties, warm fluffy jumpers, cosy coats, Christmassy t-shirts, hats, gloves, scarfs; what more do you need?

I must say that in this collection, I was utterly amazed that the clothing Is really classy and tasteful.

There are smart elegant little black dresses which would be perfect for seasonal parties and many other party pieces.

The material and feel of the clothing from the Christmas collection feels very high quality, most of the ‘little black dresses’ are polyester and elastane.

The collection also includes a stunningly glamorous ‘Fringe Bead Cami Dress’ which to my surprise is machine washable, the quality of this feel amazing, plus it looks great on.

My opinion on the Christmas collection at Topshop this year can be summed up in one word; fab!

I think they have a lot of variety this year in terms of the type of clothing, because they have Christmas stuff to be lounging in, partying in, sleeping in, and going out in.

I’m a sucker for buying pj’s so I’ve tried my best to stay away for as long as possible, but in the end, I couldn’t, the Christmas pyjama collection is awesome as well.

There is one little thing I have to mention, which is that some items from the collection is rather pricey, but I feel like it’s a special occasion and therefore we deserve to spend a little more on ourselves.

The price for the cami dress is £120, which gives you a rough idea of the price range for the clothing. I also love the quality of the clothing because it feels and looks like it will last you a life time, which is probably what we’re paying for.

The clothing is also classy and not tacky, which is always important, right?

So, a question all you Topshop lovers out there are probably thinking, is ‘is it worth me going and having a look’, and I’m sure you all know what I would say after reading this review, it’s a yes, I think that it is well worth your time having a look at the Christmas Collection at Topshop if your wanting some festive clothing.

I would highly recommend the ‘Corded Velvet Shift Dress’, I think it looks beautiful and truly compliments your figure!

Anyway, I suppose you can have a look yourself, why not treat yourself?

Bonefire Night

How to keep animals safe this Bonfire Night

An animal charity has delivered a guidance for pet owners in the run up to Bonfire Night.

In Wales alone last year, the RSPCA received 32 calls in the relation to fireworks in October and November. Its also estimated that 45 per cent of dogs in the UK show of fear when they hear fireworks.

However, the charity says that the phobia that dogs have of fireworks is treatable and there is no need for pets to suffer each year.

Lisa Richards, RSPCA welfare expert, said: “Countless pet owners will be dreading the run-up to Bonfire Night because of the distress it causes to their animals.

“But there are ways to help your pets learn to be less afraid of loud noises. Planning ahead and speaking to your vet about the options available is a great start.”

The RSPCA’s advice includes:

  • Where possible, keep pets are indoors when fireworks are going off
  • Ensure pets are microchipped in case they try to escape
  • Close all curtains and windows
  • Turn on the television or play music to try to mask the sound of fireworks
  • Provide pets with a safe place to hide or burrow
  • Partially cover animal enclosures with a blanket for soundproofing
  • Use a ‘Sounds Scary’ CD to help dogs learn to be less afraid of loud noises
  • Use pheromone diffusers that can help dogs and cats feel calmer
  • Never punish your pet for appearing frightened
  • Speak to your vet or animal behaviourist for further advice – they will issue treatment in certain cases

Reece Payling, a dog owner from Sheffield said, “I don’t like bonfire night one bit. Before I owned dogs, I was never a huge fan but did enjoy the odd few fireworks. Now however, I cannot rest when my poor dogs are so anxious and troubled with the constant loud bangs.

“I’ve even had to resort to medication for my dogs this year to try and calm them down because otherwise they are just too restless and agitated.”

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