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Unit 11

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Covering Letter

Dear Sir or Madam

I am sending my CV and cover letter in regard to the position Studio photographer advertised on the Indeed website. Having read the job description, I would like to apply for this position.

As I have mentioned on my CV, I have also had experience in working as a photographer for clients at parties and other events. My most recent one being a farm festival where my photographs are currently being displayed as part as a promotional slideshow for a store that is on the farm in which the event took place. This has given me much more confidence and experience in the photography area.

In college, I have gained many skills that I am able to contribute to this job. I have had the opportunity to work in professional photography studio, where I have experimented with lighting, backdrops and different camera angles. This has given me the confidence I need to become a more experienced photographer to be able to produce photos to the best of my ability. I have also had the chance to be able to work on my Photoshop skills throughout my first year at college and therefore am able to to edit photographs in an advanced and professional way. The Creative Media course that I am currently attending also requires creativity which I have hugely contributed within the first year so far by creating and designing magazine spreads and front covers, web design and planning, producing and editing photos..

I worked as a Christmas Temp at Morrisons between the dates of October 2015 to December 2015. After this they were able to offer me a permanent position in the customer café. During my period of working here, I learnt that giving excellent customer service will get you a long way. I also learnt that I really enjoy working with the general public and it correspondingly built my confidence since leaving school. I have a natural helpful personality and take great pride in assisting customers in whatever way I can to fulfill their needs and for these reasons would very much like to work for your team.

I feel this position could help build my skills and knowledge even further, and I also feel like I could offer great customer service and the skills that I have learnt during my previous position.

Yours Faithfully

Miya Biggin




I am a responsible, honest, motivated and dependable individual that is keen to put my skills to use whilst supporting myself through College and making a positive contribution in a working environment.

I hope to gain an opportunity in art/photography, as I feel I have the communication, confidence and passion to do well in this area which I also have relevant experience and qualifications.

I am a very creative and hardworking person that is determined to work to the best of my ability in both work and College, where I am studying Creative Media.





  • Sept 2015, Sheffield College


UAL Level 3 Extended Diploma Creative Media and Journalism

Year 1- Distinction

Year 2- Pending


  • Sept 2010 – June 2015, Westfield School, Sheffield


GCSE Results in the following subjects:


  • Photography                                       A*
  • Photographic Communication             A*
  • ICT National Cert                                A
  • ICT Level 2                                         A
  • Art                                                       A
  • Religious Education                            A
  • English Language                               B
  • English Literature                                C
  • Mathematics                                       C
  • Science Core                                      C
  • Science Additional                               C


Additional Qualifications:


  • AS Level in Photography
  • Duke of Edinburgh Bronze Award
  • Duke of Edinburgh Silver Award





September 2016, The Sheffield Star- News Writing

I am currently taking part in work experience for The Sheffield Star. This includes taking photographs and writing topical news articles for The Star for audience range of 16-24year olds. Throughout this time so far, I have able to build on my time management skills to meet deadlines and also work on my writing and photography skills. This has also given me the opportunity to able to have the experience of what it is like to work for an actual company in the journalist company.


October 2015, Morrison’s – Christmas Temp/ Café Assistant

During time I have spent at Morrison’s, I was able to build my confidence by interacting with new people and help them in the best of my ability to for fill their needs through good customer service. My overall job was to put stock out and tidy the shelves in the busy hours of Christmas. From my good work and motivation, Morrison’s decided to offer me a permanent job after Christmas in the customer café. Here I am responsible for working the till while interacting with customers, operating the pot wash, cleaning/tidying, serving food and cooking. I also work for admin where I do legal checks on product increases and decreases and also make sure all the current standing offers are correct.


I have had the opportunity to have work experience in photography. Here I have taken photographs for clients at parties and events and most recently at a Farm Festival; where my photographs are currently being used to promote a business on where the festival was based.


June 2014, Sheffield University – Department of Computer Science

My time was spent assisting the Departmental Manager with a project of putting together a new newsletter.  During my 2 weeks, I attended several external meetings and took photographs of senior managers liaising with investors to add these to the newsletter.  I was also tasked with researching formats for the newsletter as well as inputting business cards onto an excel spread sheet.





Over the time that I have spent at school, college and work, I have gained very helpful and transferable skills, these include:

  • Software Skills
  • Photography Skills
  • Time management
  • Independence
  • Team working
  • Writing hard news articles
  • Web Design
  • Research Skills






I enjoy spending time with my friends & family, eating out, entertainment and keeping up with fashion and beauty.

I like to play the piano and have a passion for Art & Photography. I also have a desire for health, beauty and fashion.




11.1.1, 11.1.2: Personal Statement

From a young age, I have always loved expressing myself in a creative manner. From then, I have been able to develop this into a hobby and maybe someday a career; which is why I want to apply for this course.

My skills in photography first began to excel in secondary school, where over a period of 3 years I completed 4 different subjects in art/photography; GCSE Photography, GCSE Photographic Communications, GCSE Art and AS Photography. From there, I have continued along this pathway to do a media based course in college in order to expand my horizon in the photography area, in hope to learn the qualities of a photojournalist and other photography centred careers.

From studying my current course, I have gained many skills to contribute towards my artistic passion. These include analytical skills, software experience (e.g. Photoshop, InDesign, and Muse), research skills, time management, independent worker, team worker.

Throughout the time I have spent on this course, I have been given the opportunity to use and develop my existing skills in photography throughout my college course. A big part of my final major project at the end of the first year was hugely complimented by the photographs I took and was also accompanied with my experienced editing abilities on Photoshop. Taking photos as part of a journalism course has also given me the understanding and knowledge on how to take photos tailored to a specific audience range. This has opened my mind to how much there is to learn on different types of photography and makes me want to learn as much as I possibly can about the various natures in photography. Expressing myself in this approach whilst on this course only defined my passion for photography even more, giving me the specific mind set for what I want to do in the future- which is unquestionably something along the photography route.

As well as dedicating my time towards college work, I have also completed photography tasks in my own time. I have taken pictures for clients at birthday parties and have also taken photographs at a farm festival which are currently being used to promote a store on the farm where the festival took place. This has given me experience and knowledge towards the aspects of working in this type of industry and has given me an insight of how each day would typically pan out, which only makes me want to do this more. I have also hugely built up my confidence by interacting with new people.

I have achieved my bronze and silver award in the Duke of Edinburgh award. This included working as part of a team to plan routes, locate various pin points on a map, working independently by leading the rest of the team and taking part in a volunteering scheme, a sport and a skill for 6 months.

Anyone that knows me identifies me as a strongly motivated person that has lots of drive and ambition and will push for what I want. I have demonstrated this throughout the whole of my time in secondary school and college by continuously aiming for the targets and grades that I know I am capable of. This also gives me lots of independence as an individual because I like to work at my own pace to meet deadlines and targets.

I currently work at Morrison’s as a Cafe Assistant which includes the roles of working the till and interacting with customers, serving food, cleaning, operating the pot wash and cooking food. I also do a few hours in the administration department. Here I am responsible for legal checking increases and decreases in products and sorting current offers out. I also occasionally work on the shop floor where I put stock out on the shelfs, tidying the store and provide good customer service to those who need it. This job has hugely increased my confidence and has made me a more approachable and bubbly person. It has also given me skills that I can contribute to this course such as time management, team working, organisation skills and independence.


Promotion as a freelance journalist

Today, freelance journalism can feel like a constant battle: to come up with good ideas, to pitch them to the right places and to land assignments that both pay well and leave enough room for more writing. Many reporters turn to freelancing at some point in their careers.

There are many ways in which journalists can promote themselves..

  • Website

A personal website where potential customers can read your work is a must for any professional freelance writer. Include information about what type of writing you do, and post a sample article pertaining to each category for which you write, such as content writing, press releases, video scripts, or white papers. Optimize your website for search engines, include auto-responders for quick communication, and be sure to follow up on inquiries within 24 hours.

  • Blogs

Write blog posts on a consistent basis and submit them to your social media platforms. Include ways for potential clients to contact you, including a link to your website, your email address, and links to your Twitter and Facebook accounts. Some ideas for you to write about include your writing techniques, your daily routine, and your area or areas of specialty. If you do this on a regular basis, you will start to build a following. Inquiries for your writing will soon follow.

  • Forums

Forums are a very effective means of self-promotion. A great way to network with other writers is to visit forums for writers. You may hear about organizations and individuals looking for writers, and at the same time pick up writing tips

  • Use email marketing
    This is particularly effective if you blog regularly, but still works even if you don’t. Setting up an email newsletter to keep people up to date with your freelance writing activities can be an effective way of marketing yourself and remaining at the forefront of people’s minds. It’s free and ridiculously easy to set up an email newsletter.


  • Business cards

Although simple, every self owned business has business cards to promote the business.


  • Own Websites

Having your own websites is good self promotion for freelance journalists as they are able to include portfolios of your work to promote it.


  • Advertisements

This is where you pay others to advertise your company via the TV, Radio or with posters and banners.


What is a digital portfolio?

Digital portfolios provide a distillation of an individual’s best work, typically generated over a year or a longer period of time. Most digital portfolios contain a broad range of information to properly capture the person’s versatility. Information in digital portfolios may also be in a variety of media, such as text, photographs, illustrations, diagrams, web material, audio files, spreadsheets and PowerPoint presentations.


This is an example of someone  digital portfolio of their photography work..

I like this portfolio because it tells the viewer a little bi about them as a person and then most of the content is just examples of their work which is the whole point of a portfolio.


10 Tips on Marketing Yourself as a Freelance Writer Online

Self-Promotion: Marketing Strategies for Freelance Writers

11.2.1, 11.3.1: Interview techniques and skills – the Do’s and Dont’s

Interview Do’s and Don’ts


  • Research the company- There are a number of ways to do this. Talk to people you know at the company, go online.
  • Prepare some questions- It demonstrates your interest in him/her, the company and the available position
  • Try to get detailed direction and contact information- The more the better. Ask or your contact’s work and mobile numbers, the receptionist’s phone number, the address of the building, parking information and helpful landmarks.
  • Dress to impress- Before the interview, ask your interviewer or the receptionist if the dress code is business formal or business casual. If you feel uncomfortable asking or are uncertain about the dress code, it’s always best to slightly overdress.
  • Arrive 15 to 30 mins early ve nothing to chance. Plan for traffic delays, accidents or poor directions. Leave yourself enough time to relax and prepare in the car park.
    Make eye contact with the interviewer
    Your posture, body language and eye contact can say a lot about your self confidence and your interest in the position. Look and sound as though you mean what you’re saying, and sound interested in it too!


  • Rehearsals – don’t rehears your answers too much, you don’t want the person interviewing you to think you are resisting them from memory because if you do it could show you as been not confident with you and your answers. Just be prepared to answer them on the spot and them been unique.
  • Smell – having to much aftershave and perfume  on you at a interview could make the person think you are trying to hard but having a strong smell of smoke could show you to spend to much time with a cigarette in hand than doing work.
  • Been late – if you are late on purpose then this could let your employer know that anything they ask you to do like the time you need to be in work for and any projects your going be late. It also could show that your not serious about the position.
  • Arriving stressed – if you arrive stressed your employer will be able to tell and feel that stress but they won’t know that you may not normally be like that they will think that that is you. You don’t want to create a false persona of your self.
  • Fidget – if you Slouch, fidget, or yawn while being interviewed they may not take you seriously because it could show what you may be like on the job. Don’t chew gum or bring food or drink into an interview because it not a great impression to present yourself with.
  • Past employers – Don’t speak negatively about your current or former company, boss, or coworkers because this could show the one that is interviewing you that you may not be a nice person, plus they may know or be friends with the people you are talking about.Answering questions – Don’t answer every question that they ask you with a simple “yes” or “no” because this shows them that you may not be very confident with your answers and this could lead on to the work you may have to produce if you get the job.

11.1.1, 11.1.2 Fact File/Skills Audit/Personal Action Plan


What is social media marketing all about?

Social media marketing is a form of advertising through social media sites such as Facebook, Twitter and Instagram. It’s really useful in this day and age because most people use social media in their daily routine in life.  Companies use it to share information about their product/business so that people can share this with their friends/followers. It’s also a helpful way to advertise because it’s very youthful and current.

Social media is now something everyone relies on, especially journalists and the media. However, we haven’t always had social media to get word around that easily; the process of advertising and sharing information used to be a lot slower and harder. Although the more traditional methods of marketing (print, tv, radio, etc.), are still being used as a type of marketing, it’s not quite enough which is why the marketers have had to adapt to society.

One of the most noticeable changes is that marketing has become much more “conversational” in nature. Social media has enabled people to have a voice and a chance to be heard as much or as little as they want. This is why it has become important for advertisers to change the way they view their customer base. With traditional ways of advertising seeming to come across as impersonal, it has become almost essential for a company to draw closer to its core audience through open discussion, media sharing and relationship nurturing.


What is a freelance photographer?

Freelance  photography is photography done on a per contract basis. Instead of working for an employer, a freelancer works on multiple projects for different clients.

Photography careers can vary due to the fact there are a lot of different categories are themed businesses that need photography. One of them being an events photographer; this is where the photographer will capture stills of the clients events, most commonly weddings.



Social Media Marketing:

An example of a company within the social media marketing industry is Echogravity. People who have their own business who need help advertising through social media can hire someone from Ecogravity to manage their social media accounts for there business.

Another example is Webimax. – “This service is able to take control of as much or as little of your social media marketing campaign as you need to help you increase your brand awareness, search engine ranks and revenue.”-

As the Social Media Marketing Manager, you are responsible for managing and delivering all social media activities for clients.

As the Social Media Marketing Manager you are responsible for:

  • Managing the social media marketing strategy for clients; focusing on LinkedIn, Twitter, Facebook, Google+, YouTube, SlideShare.
  • Execution of all social media activities (i.e. tweeting, sharing, engaging, liking, increasing social reach, doing the heavy lifting, etc.).
  • Communicating in a professional, but unique social media “voice” for each client; directly aligned with the clients’ thought leadership and content platform.
  • Creating social media campaigns and calls-to-action that drive target buyers to client sites and generate leads for our clients.
  • Spending hours on LinkedIn every day engaging with our clients’ target audiences by sharing content, finding ways to grow LinkedIn company followership, and improve overall engagement with our clients’ LinkedIn Company Pages.
  • Tweeting at least 30 – 50 times a day while engaging influencers to increase the followership of our clients’ social media profiles; receiving multiple mentions and retweets in the process.
  • Posting several Facebook posts each day and finding new ways to leverage Facebook for professional and business purposes.


  • Graduated with 4-year degree with focus on Marketing or Journalism from a reputable university.
  • 2+ Years of Social Media Marketing experience on all major social media platforms – LinkedIn, Twitter, Facebook, Google+, YouTube, and SlideShare.
  • Verifiable examples of social media marketing successes and wins.
  • Impeccable attention to detail.
  • Exceptional business writing skills and can visualize as well as convey a message into relevant and interesting content.
  • Expert level skills in using and navigating social media networks’ native web apps, 3rd party social media tools, and “the internet” to run it all.



An example of a wedding photographer business is Ellie Grace photography. This is a freelance company by a local in Sheffield. –

Another is Diamonds and Doodles-

As an events photographer, you are responsible for capturing images of the whole of the event.


The day in the life of a social media marketer…

This is what you can expect:

“8am (or earlier if you can – my day normally starts at 7am at the latest)

Get to it early. If there is spam or inappropriate comments, you want to get to it and deal with it before either the client or other fans see it. Avoid the morning client phone call or email and check all the Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest, Instagram, Youtube and Linkedin (and any other) channels early.

Reply to all the comments, pass any relevant feedback or questions to the client as needed and do all other housekeeping on the pages as necessary. Social media doesn’t sleep so you need to give that impression!


Take a look at emails for anything urgent – look after that and then check Google Alerts and Hootsuite for mentions of the brand along with any other software you use to track this. Then check the other keywords you track to find interesting content.


Look at all the content scheduled to go out that day. Add in anything you think is useful from your 9am check and then schedule all the posts for the day using Hootsuite or similar.


Take a little bit of a mental break before you go cross eyed from all the typing, copying, pasting and clicking. And then start on the emails that have come in from clients.


Check in again to all the pages to make sure that posts have been well received and moderate any comments, questions etc, dealing with them appropriately.


Time for a spot of lunch – get out of the office as to not stare at the computer and spend your ‘free time’ on Facebook.


Time for another quick check of the pages – people tend to check Facebook on their lunch break so it’s good to do a double check after lunch.


Prepare a report for client updating them on performance of their social media presence. Each client should receive one at least once a month.


Take time out to create some new content for the pages. I like to ensure each page has at least a week of content written ahead of time – some clients prefer a whole month and this will depend on the need for ‘immediate and timely’ content. It’s good to tackle this in small chunks each day rather than have a whole day of content writing at the end of each week or month.


Another look over all the pages again.


You’ll wanna do one last check before you go to bed. It just means less surprises in the morning. You don’t have to – but it tends to make the morning run smoother. The internet does not sleep!

It you set up your systems and keep to your ‘checking’ times – you will find that it’s not as stressful as it seems to manage several pages. Once you get into a routine, the day will flow and you are able to get faster and more efficient and checking and moderating all the different channels.” –

From looking at this blog from someone who works as a social media marketer, i can see that the job requires to work from home. I can also see that the job isn’t necessarily easy, throughout the whole day you need to be constantly checking the social media and constantly blogging on it, if not the content would get buried under other posts.


Job Ad and Skills Audit

Social Media Marketing

  • This is a link to a job advertisement for the Ecogravity social media marketing business.

These are some of the skills that the job description says you need for the position:

  • “You are self motivated, hungry for a challenge, and looking to make an immediate impact.
  • You are fully entrenched in social media culture and understand the fine line of managing a professional, but effective social media presence.
  • You want to work hard and be part of a fun, growing company.
  • You balance your life with work as you see fit (as long as you are fully dedicated to the role).
  • You like working from home… even in your pajamas at times.
  • You have an advanced understanding of web technology and how it supports marketing.
  • You like writing and are good at it, and have strong proofreading capabilities.
  • You have strong marketing foundational knowledge.
  • You are organized and can work independently.
  • You like having a variety of challenges and touch on all facets of marketing.
  • Your attention to detail is impeccable. You produce a work product that requires little modification. You are almost a perfectionist.
  • You are smart, creative, accountable, willing to go the extra mile, and really “get it”. If you don’t understand this bullet, you aren’t a fit.” –

A lot of these skills are life skills that you learn during school, college, university and work experience. However, a lot of the skills also requite specific knowledge and learning such as what type of language to use when writing.

I feel like I have few skills for the job such as being familiar with social media and being able to navigate myself around, I also feel like I would be able to fulfil the responsibility of ‘communicating in a professional but unique social media voice’ because I have grown up in a generation where social media is a big part of our lives therefore I have all sorts of different social media accounts and have experienced them all. I have also learnt a lot of these skills in college such as being able to write in a journalist manner from being on a journalist course. I also feel i have the skill “You like writing and are good at it, and have strong proofreading capabilities.” From being on a journalism course i have built this skill from learning how to write and proofread. “Your attention to detail is impeccable”- i feel like I have gained this skill because I did and at qualification in GCSE and many qualifications in photography (GCSE photography, AS photography, Photographic Communications), and you need to have an eye for detail in these artistic genres in order to be able produce similar things from your inspirational images.

However, you also need qualifications such as a 4 year degree with focus on Marketing or Journalism, 2 year+ social media marketing experience etc which i don’t have.


This is an example of a photography job ad-

“Personal Qualities and Skills Required: –
General all rounder
Very Strong interpersonal skills
Excellent organisational skills High level of motivation
Excellent communication at all levels
Able to perform while under pressure and to meet deadlines

Flexibility and willingness to work extended hours if work pressure demands.
Proactive, analytical and logical thinker
Enthusiastic team playerWilling to be involved in all aspects of the business
No Criminal Record. Full Drivers licence. Fully CRB checked (we can organise this)

You will be required to use your own transport to get to jobs such as weddings etc, the mileage for which will be re-imbursed as standard.”

I would say I have some of these skills such as:

  • “being a general all rounder”- From starting a new college course and meeting new people i feel like i am a general all rounder because my confidence has improved and I’m easy to get along with.
  • “excellent organisation skills”- From doing some jobs in for people in photography and working to deadlines in college, i have been able to build on my organisation skills through time management general organisation of work and clients.
  • “Proficient in the use of common photographic computer packages, including Photoshop and Lightroom, preferably with a working knowledge of Microsoft Office and or Apple Mac Office Suite.” – From doing a journalism course and ding many artistic based subjects in GCSE, I have been able to build on my skills on software such as Photoshop.



My personal Action Plan

Career choice(s)-

  • Social media marketing (or marketing in general)
  • Photographer

My target grade for the UAL course- Distinction

My course choices-

the reason why this course interests me is because i have always had a strong interest in photography as i like to be creative and express myself through artistic mannors.


  • Normally GCSE English language and mathematics at grade C or grade 4 or above, plus one of the following• 112 UCAS points from at least two A levels or equivalent BTEC National qualifications, including at least 32 points in a relevant subject. We accept AS levels. We accept General Studies.


After doing the first year of a journalism course, marketing has started to interest me more and more because i like the idea of being able to orginise and plan someone else social media or even just marketing in general.


Normally, five GCSEs at grade C or grade 4 or above including English language and mathematics, plus one of the following

• 112 UCAS Points, including at least 64 points from two A Levels or equivalent BTEC National Qualifications We accept AS levels and general studies

Word experience

  • I have had many experiences in work experience to do with photography. My name has been passed around to people and i have managed to have 3 jobs which involved taking pictures at 3 different events – 2 were parties and the other a farm festival. From this is was able to gain experience and confidence in working with clients and understanding what they wanted to get out of the photo. This has also give me the opportunity to to give business cards out to the people at the events in order to have more experience.





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